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Achievements are provided to the iOS versions of Bloons TD 4, Bloons TD 5, and Bloons TD Battles Mobile by a service called Game Center.

Bloons TD 4Edit

There are a total of 17 achievements in Bloons TD 4 Mobile. The achievements award the player with 0, 50, or 100 points, depending on the difficulty of the achievement (with the 1 secret achievement giving 0 points).

Name Description Points
Learning the Ropes You popped 99 red bloons. 50
Bloon Buster You popped 100,000 bloons. 50
Exterminator You popped 1 million bloons. 50
Ranking Up You have reached rank 16. 10
Top Rank You have reached rank 32 15
Monkeying Around You completed an intermediate track on medium difficulty or higher. 50
Advancing on the... Complete an advanced track on medium difficulty or higher. 50
Expert Complete an expert track on the hard difficulty setting. 100
War Veteran Complete all tracks on any difficulty setting. 100
Elite Agent Complete a track without losing any lives. 50
Ocean Breeze You completed the Ocean Road track. 50
Experimental Upgrade You full upgraded 1 tower. 50
Branching Out You earned a 10,000 pop count with a tower which wasn't a Super Monkey. 50
Sun Worshiper You had 4+ Sun Gods at the same time. 50
Shock and Awe! You destroyed an MOAB within 1 second of it spawning. 50
MOAB Mauler You destroyed 500 MOABs. 50
Monkey Temple (Secret) You unlocked the secret of the Monkey Temple. 0

Bloons TD 5Edit

Bloons TD BattlesEdit