Ancient Pack

An Ancient Pack floating around waiting for it to be opened.

In Bloons Monkey City, an Ancient Knowledge Pack is a like a Knowledge Pack, giving bonuses for upgrading any monkey/tower, but instead of having random chance of any type of rarity of the card, the Ancient Pack guarantees at least one "Legendary Card", worth 250 points. It also never has any "Common Card", worth only 10 points, but does have "Uncommon Cards", worth 30 points, and also "Rare Cards", worth 80 points.


These packs always contain one Legendary card inside, the other three cards have a certain probability to occur:

  • 0% Common
  • 60% Uncommon
  • 30% Rare
  • 10% Legendary
  • 20% Bounty (max 1 card)

You will never get a Common card and you will get at least 340 points.

How to getEdit

It's extremely rare that even spending Bloonstones and real money you won't get it (except in Festival of Bloonstones). You can get it from:


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