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Adds a large missile array and a powerful machine gun.
~ Official Bloons TD 5 iOS description.
Apache Dartship
Apache Dartship in-game
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Apache Dartship is the final upgrade on the first path for the Heli Pilot. It adds homing missiles and a powerful machine gun to the Heli Pilot. The machine gun shoots a stream of darts - there is no gap between the darts, and it shoots missiles that seek out bloons and explode. The Heli Pilot also retains its regular attack, which must be upgraded to Quad Darts in order to get Apache Dartship, making it fire a constant stream of darts and missiles, as well as four simultaneously fired darts with some delay between the volleys.

This is a very expensive tower which will cost you $14130 on easy, $15000 on medium and $17955 on hard difficulty. The advantage of this is that it s a very powerful tower upgrade which can take down any type of bloon (providing it has the Enhanced IFR Instruments upgrade to tackle with camo bloons).


  • This upgrade is somewhat like the Spectre, as both shoot bombs (of some type) and darts.
    • This upgrade might be better than the Spectre if using pursuit mode, as it can follow bloons and aim better. However, pursuit mode can render the Razor Rotors useless or less effective, and the bombs only pop 1 layer.
    • Apache dartships become less powerful if used in packs, as they can push each other out of the line of sight.
    • If used with a monkey ace, the monkey ace will push it around. This can be very frustrating, especially when the apache dartship is set to lock in place.
    • Helipilots do not collide when in patrol mode. By setting the attack mode of the apache dartship to patrol, then placing both patrol points in the same place, the apache dartship can be locked in place without being pushed around by other aircrafts..
  • The Apache Dartship could be a reference to the AH-64 Apache.
  • This is very effective with Bigger Jets, as long if you don't keep the target priority to Lock in place.
  • Two Apache Dartships can easily beat the M.O.A.B. Madness special mission.
  • The in-game Apache Dartship has no visible rocket launchers on the sides but still shoots missiles.

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