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BTD4 Apopalypse Mode
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BTD5 Apopalypse Mode

Apopalypse Mode is a special mode where there are no stops between rounds. The cost of the towers are the same as in Medium. There is only income in Apopalypse Mode from building a Banana Farm and popping Bloons. There are rounds in Apopalypse Mode, but the player gets no instant income from making it to another one. The bloons in Apopalypse Mode get stronger when the player gets to farther rounds over time. Its icon is a B.F.B. in BTD4 and a skull and cross-bones on a Black Bloon in BTD5. This mode is unlocked at Rank 31. It appears in BTD4, Bloons TD 4 Expansion, and Bloons TD 5. Even if the player reaches round 250 in BTD4 (the final round), the game will still keep going. The bloons only stop coming when the player loses all of his/her lives. It is a pun on the word apocalypse, meaning event of great importance or violence. The RBE in each round is different. In BTD5, the RBE for each Apopalpyse round is random and is different each time the player goes further.

What happens and when in Apopalypse Mode in BTD5Edit

Bloon spawning occurs randomly but bloons may appear as follows:

Round 1 Red Bloons appear.
Round 2 Blue Bloons appear.
Round 5 Green Bloons appear.
Round 7 Yellow Bloons appear.
Round 10 Pink Bloons appear.
Round 12 Black Bloons appear.
Round 16 White Bloons appear.
Round 20 Lead Bloons appear.
Round 21 Regrowth Bloon appear (mainly Blue, gradually get stronger).
Round 24 Zebra Bloons appear.
Round 29 Rainbow Bloons appear and Black Regrowth spotted.
Round 33 Ceramic Bloons appear.
Round 36 Regrowth Leads appear.
Round 37 Camo, one Camo Lead appears.
Round 38 Camo Regrowth appear.
Round 40 Rainbow Camo and first Camo Ceramic spotted.
Round 41 M.O.A.B. appears. M.O.A.B.s enter at a constant rate.
Round 42 Second and third Camo Ceramics spotted.
Round 46 two M.O.A.B.s very close to each other spotted.
Round 47 Fourth Camo Ceramic spotted.
Round 50 the M.O.A.B.s make it hard to see, be prepared for Ceramics and Rainbows of all types.
Round 51 B.F.B.s appear.
Round 58 Five Grouped BFBs spotted.
Round 61 Z.O.M.G.s appear.
Round 70+ Z.O.M.G.s move a bit faster every round.
Round 80 All that's left is regen or camo regen leads, camo ceramic, and MOAB classes.
Round 100+ Just M.O.A.B.s, B.F.B.s, and Z.O.M.G.s.


  • The player's Career Rank doesn't go up in this mode in BTD4, but in BTD5, it will.
  • The symbol in the Apopalypse BTD5, is represented as a Bloon black and a white skull, like the colors and the brand of ZOMG.
  • In BTD5, they are in waves.
  • The first Apopalypse for a Daily Challenge is Feb 2, 2012, and the track is Monkey Lane.
  • The RBE in Apopalypse Mode is higher than getting medals from the tracks.
  • It is easier to earn more XP in Apopalypse Mode than Freeplay Mode, because there is no end (technically, it "ends" on round 400), thus XP and Money earnage won't deteriorate over time.
  • The RBE of the first level in Apopalypse in BTD5 is 24.
  • In BTD4, one of the new achievements is Apopalypse Now, it requires the player to pass 100 rounds of Apopalypse to obtain it. It will reward the player with AwesomeIcon50 upon completion.
  • The Z.O.M.G.s on round 70 and higher make it extremely hard to see Camo Regen Leads and Camo Ceramics.
  • Apopalypse ends at round 400 in BTD5.
  • Fast Track Mode helps a lot to beat Apopalypse.
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