Post your strategies for completing Archipelago on any difficulty here!

Alexmustcry's Strategy (Intermidate Difficulty)Edit

1. Buy 2 Boomerang Throwers

2. Buy 1 Monkey Apprentice and upgrade to 2/0.

3. Invest only 1 Banana Farm and alternately upgrade with your defenses until round 40.

4. Upgrade the Monkey Apprentice to 2/2.

5. Buy a Monkey Village.

6. Buy another Monkey Apprentice and upgrade both 2/3.

7. Buy 1 Super Monkey.

8. Upgrade the Monkey Village to 0/2.

9. Upgrade the Super Monkey to 0/2 ---> 2/2 ---> 2/3 respectively.

10. You could repeat step 9 or buy an Ice Tower and upgrade it to 3/0.

11. Use the remaining cash on buying Sniper Monkeys 4/2, Ninja Monkeys 0/4 (Sabotage Supply Lines), Glue Gunners 2/3 or Super Monkeys (2,3).


-At rounds 24 and 33, don't hesitate to use Road Spikes on Camo Bloons since the total cost for both rounds is at least $300.

-1 Monkey Apprentice upgraded 2/3 is enough to make it out to many rounds before the appearance of Ceramic Bloons.

-By far, Super Monkeys with 2/3 upgrade is considered much cheaper and reliable than 3/2 upgrades since: upgrading a 2/2 Super Monkey into a Robo Monkey "doubles its power for only $9,000" compared than upgrading it into a Sun god "triples its power for $16,500".

-Using the Sabotage Supply Lines Ability effectively on a Z.O.M.G. is like activating M.I.B. Call to Arms ability on all towers simultaneously.

-Rounds to seriously look out for are 43,47,49,63,76, and 78 since this rounds spawns Ceramic Bloons which is somehow a surprise to your defenses especially on hard difficulty.

-On tight situations, before you buy/upgrade towers- be sure to have an extra cash for Road Spikes that can pop equivalent to your remaining lives or twice. (From $300=110 spikes to $600=220 spikes)

Mike's Strategy (Easy Mode)Edit

1. Buy 1 Monkey Buccaneer upgrade 2,2

2. Fill up the islands with Dartling Guns that are upgraded 2,3 or 3,2 (preferably 3,2)

3. Buy a Banana Farm that is 0,4

4. Upgrade your first Monkey Buccaneer to 4,2

5. Put a Super Monkey on the broken buccaneer in the top right corner

6. Fill the track with Aircraft Carriers

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