This page contains strategies and tips for Battle Knot.

  • Here's a strategy:
    • First spam 2-3 Dart Monkeys in the middle till round 28.By then,make sure you have a Cannon or two for Lead popping power.
    • Then start selling the Dart Monkeys(not too many though,as Cannons aren't that good bloon popping power by themselves)and spam Moab Maulers till round 46.Make sure you have at least 4 by then.Round 40 can be a little bit tricky,42 shouldn't be that hard if you still have some of your 2-3 Dart Monkeys left.After round 46,buy at least a 0-2 Village,which will provide Camo Detection to all your towers in the middle.
    • After that you need to work up your bloon popping power.A good way to do this would be RoF+Ice,or 3-2 Boomerangs+Ice,in the small gaps.4-2 Cannons help a lot,but don't get too many.Maybe even get a couple 2-4 Boomerangs in some empty spots...Anyway,by Round 63 you're gonna need a lot of Ceramic popping power.If possible,upgrade your Village to at least a 2-2 if you haven't,and if you have some leftover money use it on Moab Maulers.
    • After round 70 it's just cash galore.First off,replace your RoF+Ice/3-2Rang+Ice combos with Glaive Lord+Arctic Wind/Ice Shards combos,which are much more effective.Keep spamming Moab Maulers every once in a while(you'll need about 12 to take out a ZOMG)and,if you want,you can get a Specter or two as well since they're pretty effective,and upgrade your Village to either 4-2(recommended) or 2-4.
    • Hopefully this works for you all and will be helpful(I haven't tested this myself but I think I planned it just fine).Enjoy!


- Put a ninja in the middle, and upgrade it to 4/2. Have some LEAD popping power too.


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