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Not to be confused with the Special Agent, Beekeeper, in Bloons TD 5 and Bloons TD 5 Deluxe.
Beekeper IPhone!!!2
Beekeeper in Action!
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The Beekeeper (Bloons TD 4 iOS) is a new tower for Bloons TD 4 iOS. It is probably based on the Bloons TD 5 Special Agent, also with the same name. You unlock this tower by popping 2,000,000 bloons. It acts like the Beekeeper in Bloons TD 5 by shooting bees that lock on to Bloons and pop layers. It costs $595 on Easy, $700 on Medium and $755 on Hard.


Fast Deploy $255/$300/$325
Makes the Beekeeper attack much faster
Big Hive $215/$250/$270
Larger hives can hold 10 bees instead of 6
Killer Bees $1530/$1800/$1945
Deadly killer bees fly twice as fast and pop bloons three times as fast!
The Swarm $6375/$7500/$8100
Unleash the swarm! Shoots 4 bees at a time, has a much larger range and can support 30 deployed bees at a time.


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