Pro Beekeeper unlocked!

Pro Upgrade - Swarm! The Swarm Activated Ability launches 100 bees that will seek targets and pop them mercilessly for a short duration.

Can't pop lead or ice but regrower bloons beware!

The next Beekeeper you place will have this upgrade.

~ Official description after unlocking the Beekeeper Pro.

Beekeeper Pro is the Pro version of the Beekeeper.


Beekeeper Pro attacks in the same way as the Beekeeper, but it gains the Swarm Ability. The Beekeeper still attacks normally when the special ability is used. Bees launched from the Swarm Ability can pop camo bloons, but often miss.


  • Some cosmetic changes occur after upgrading the Beekeeper:
    • The color of his headband changes from red to blue.
    • Instead of holding the beehive, it is attached behind his back.


  • Beekeeper before ability is activated.
  • Beekeper after ability Is activated.
  • Buzz Buzz.

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