Blade Shooter

The Blade Shooter upgrade in BTD4 and BTD3, respectively


A blade shooter in BTD5.

The Blade Shooter is the third upgrade of the Tack Shooter. Instead of the tower shooting tacks, it shoots larger razor blades with more accuracy. This upgrade will also pop more bloons and shoot more faster.

In BTD3, the upgrade is the second upgrade for the first path.

In BTD4, it is the third upgrade for the Tack Shooter.

In BTD5, the Blade Shooter is the third upgrade of path 2. According to the in-game description, it shoots blades in all directions.


In BTD3, the Blade Shooter has an army coat around a Tack Shooter. Notice the Tack shooter emblem in the middle of the Blade Shooter. As the range upgrades, the blades become larger.

In BTD4, the Blade Shooter shows visible blades on the edges of the Blade Shooter. In the center, it has 1 big blade with pink around it.

In BTD4 iPhone/iPod Touch, blades from Blade Shooter are darker and smaller.

In BTD5, the Tack Shooter emblem is replaced by a blade. The blades of the Blade Shooter are still visible but they only show half of the blades unlike BTD4.


In BTD3, this upgrade costs $155 on Easy, $185 on Medium, and $195 on Hard.

In BTD4, this upgrade costs $240 on Easy, $280 on Medium and $300 on Hard.

In BTD5, this upgrade costs $580 on Easy, $680 on Medium, $735 on Hard and $815 on Impoppable.


IPhone B.S.

Blade Shooter in BTD4 (iPhone/iPod Touch)

  • In the picture on the left, two Blade Shooters are popping tons of bloons. Note that one Blade Shooter has bigger blades than the other. This is due to the range upgrades that Blade Shooter has.

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