The BADS covers a wide area with each shot. Enables the Rocket Storm Ability: Rocket Storm shoots out a missile to the nearest 100 bloons on screen. Ouch!
~ Official BMC description

Bloon Area Denial System (or B.A.D.S for short) is the final upgrade of Path 2 for the Dartling Gun in BTD5. It enables the Dartling Gun to fire 3 hydra rockets instead of one at a time, spread out in a conical formation allowing the Dartling Gun to pop many more bloons.

Purchasing this upgrade also enables use of the Rocket Storm Ability, which when activated, shoots out up to 100 missiles towards the nearest 100 bloons (all bloons on screen if less than 100) on the screen every 2 seconds for five times.

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile) Edit


Buff Bloon Area Denial System cost reduced ($20000 → $16000).


  • The Rocket Storm ability is much less effective in the Mobile/Steam version than in the Flash version. Instead of firing up to 100 missiles toward the nearest bloon on the screen it only fires one missile toward the nearest 100 bloons on the screen.
  • The name of the upgrade has probably has been taken from the Laser Area Defense System or Metal Storm Area Denial Weapons System. Even better M163 Vulcan Air Defense System, because it is a Gatling Gun and the VADS is a Gatling Gun, too.
Rocket Ownage!

Many rockets being shot from the B.A.D.S.

  • Its name is also similar to the ADWS (Area Denial Weapon System), a Sentry gun from the SAS: Zombie Assault games, a series that was also made by Ninja Kiwi.
  • This could also be considered a reference to Russia and Kazakhstan's TOS-1 Multiple Rocket Launch System.
  • This upgrade is one of the few Path 2, Tier 4 upgrades that dramatically increases the power of the tower, in addition to adding an ability, with the other such upgrades being Artillery Battery, Glue Striker and Technological Terror.
  • This ability covers almost the size of The Big One.
  • BADS1

    The Bloon Area Denial System in Bloons Monkey City.

    When combined by an x/1 Monkey Village, each shot can pop up to 246 Bloons at once.
  • Its abbreviation spells BADS.
  • The ability is almost useless when there are very little amounts of bloons on screen.
  • Though the 100 bloons targeted by the ability seems very small late game, each rocket explodes resulting in enormous damage, particularly against rushes.
  • The Barbed Darts Monkey Sub officer wears the same hat as the Bloon Area Denial System operator.

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