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Bloon Decals and their prices

Bloon Decals are a new feature in Bloons TD Battles. Bloon Decals allow the player to place a special decoration on the bloons that they send. There are many different kinds of Bloon Decals, but they all generally cost many Medallions to purchase.

The prices for these range from Medallion Icon200 for the starting decals, Medallion Icon250 for the clan decals, and Medallion Icon500 foTipr the countries, and from Medallion Icon500 up to Medallion Icon5000 for the the rest.

Some decals in the mobile version require for you to use real money to acquire. Those decals are not displayed in the image.

Note from bloky555: I don't recomend this because you give away you send bloons when you do thus making your enemy possibly retaliate.

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