Glue contains an extreme solvent that melts bloons. While glued, bloons will pop twice every second.
~ Official Description
Bloon Dissolver is the 3rd upgrade on path 1 for the Glue Gunner. It costs $2805 (Easy), $3300 (Medium), $3565 (Hard) and $3960 on Impoppable. It makes the corrosive glue more powerful, popping bloons 4 times as fast, 2 layers every second, Researching Bloon Dissolver will cost City cash7,500 and BloonstoneIcon20 on Bloons Monkey City.


  • The glue becomes green with this upgrade, making it hard to see when on Green Bloons.
  • It's great for round 63 when there are lots of Ceramic Bloons.
  • With Glue Splatter, this can be deadly to any non-Camo and M.O.A.B. Class Bloon.
  • It is very effective against Ceramic Bloons when combined with the Arctic Wind.
  • Bloon Dissolver also works well against Regrowth Bloons.
  • The reason why the Corrosive Glue Gunner to Bloon Liquefier wearing a protective suit is because the glue has chemicals which can dissolve and they don't want to get caught in the glue.
  • Due to the fact the time of the bloons being glued lasts slightly shorter in an update, thus, it is possible a non MOAB class higher ranked bloon can survive being glued by the 3/0 glue gunner without being hit by other towers.
  • A 3/0 Bloon Dissolver can destroy Ceramic Bloons with their children before the glue disappear, making the x/1 upgrade useless, unless you want to upgrade it to x/2 upgrade, the same goes with Bloon Liquefier.