For the map zone in Bloons 2, see Bloon Dunes (Bloons 2).
We've pushed them out of the jungle, but they are now massing on the surrounding desert.
~ Dr. Monkey on the first stage of this zone
Giant mutant wildlife and UFOs reported in this section of the desert. Either a slow news day, or the Bloons are up to something. Power-up and take them out!
~ Doctor Monkey, on the fourth stage of this zone
  • A part of stage 2-4, on beta version
  • A part of stage 2-5.
  • The BFB on stage 2-5

Bloon Dunes is the second zone in Bloons Super Monkey 2. The boss at level 2-5 is the BFB. It is harder to pop the BSM2 BFB than the original BFB. Like all zones, it has five levels that must be completed to reach the next zone, which is Deep Bloon Sea.

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