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Research all the different and dangerous and deadly Bloon technologies in the Bloon Research Lab. If you do not have access to a certain Bloon type, you will need to research it here.
~ Description from Bloons Monkey City.
Bloon Research Lab

The Bloon Research Lab is a purchasable building in Bloons Monkey City that allows the player to research different bloons. Once a bloon has been researched, it can be used to attack other players with.

The Bloon Research Lab costs $700 to purchase, takes fifteen minutes to build, and takes up one tile, and uses Lightning thing-020. When bought, it will start with Red Bloons, Blue Bloons, and Green Bloons. Level 8 is required to unlock this building (although Level 9 is required for Monkey vs Monkey).

Research LevelsEdit

Name Bloon Unlocked Time Cost Bloonstones Level Building Required to Research
Fast Bloons Yellow Bloons, Pink Bloons 30 min $1,000 0 - None (Bloon Sprint Track for mobile)
Thermal Bloons Black Bloons, White Bloons, Zebra Bloons 1h $2,000 0 8 None (Extreme Temperature Chamber for mobile)

Heavy Bloon Armour

Lead Bloons 4h $2,750 5 10 Lead Propulsion Lab
Rubber Repair Nano-tek Regenerating Bloons 6h $3,000 5 11 Rubber Repair Nano-Tek
Camo Modification Tech Camo Bloons 6h $3,200 5 12 Camo Modification Den
Multilayer Tech Rainbow Bloons 10h30 min $3,500 5 12 None (Bloon Compression Tank for mobile)
Ceramic Bloon Construction Ceramic Bloons 2h $5,000 10 13 Bloon Kiln
M.O.A.B.s M.O.A.B.s 8h $20,000 20 18 Blimp Construction Hangar
B.F.B.s B.F.B.s 64h $50,000 50 22 Oversize Airship Support Bay
Z.O.M.G.s Z.O.M.G.s 32h $150,000 20 25

Gargantuan Vessel Assembly Yard

D.D.T.s (not available for mobile) D.D.T.s 128h $150,000 50 28 Armored Stealth Silo



  • Other than Monkey Vs. Monkey, it is impossible to have a tile with Zebra Bloons as the highest-ranked Bloon in the browser Version.
  • When the player's highest bloon is an M.O.A.B, the MOAB is struck by lightning.
    • It displays the wrong number of ceramic bloons, in this case 7.

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