A Bloon Spy is a type of Bloon that appears in Bloons Monkey City Mobile. Instead of appearing on tracks like other bloons, bloon spies appear on the map as a bloon with a distorted version of a monkey face. Bloon Spies move freely around the map and are only obstructed by buildings, non-path decorations, water, and city walls.

When popping bloon spies in a friend's city, BloonstoneIcon1 is awarded for popping all Bloon Spies.

During Bloon Spy Invasion events on Bloons Monkey City Mobile, Blue Bloon Spies appear, similar to the rabbits during the King's Easter Egg Hunt event. Popping blue bloon spies collects intel. At progressively growing intel quantity levels, rewards are given, the last reward is three ancient Monkey Knowledge Packs (originally only one ancient Monkey Knowledge Pack).

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