Bloons 2 Christmas Pack is the Christmas-themed expansion of Bloons 2.

  • Title Screen
  • Logo
  • All levels Unlocked


Bloon TypesEdit

Music TracksEdit

  • Joy to the World
  • Jingle Bells

Special Bloon Type QueueEdit

  • Monkey Ace Camel Plane Queue Icon = Santa's Sleigh on Jets


  • Bloons Monkey wears Santa's hat and stands on a piece of ice.
Christmas Monkey

Bloons 2 Christmas Pack Monkey


  1. Happy Holidays
  2. Stars
  3. We 3 Trees
  4. Under the Tree
  5. Candle
  6. Big Tree
  7. Bees in my Stocking
  8. Giant Lights
  9. Bouncing Boxes
  10. Jack Box
  11. Chimney
  12. Snowy Scene
  13. Round the Wreath
  14. Snow Entity
  15. Candy n Boxes
  16. Holly Bees
  17. Overflow
  18. Festive Maze
  19. Monkey Movers
  20. Monkey Slope
  21. Over or Through
  22. Bad Snowman
  23. Line Em Up
  24. Santa Snowplow
  25. Santa Everywhere
  26. Candy Pain
  27. Deck the Halls
  28. Open Them
  29. Over Hills Thru Woods
  30. Candy Time
  31. Ornaments
  32. Candy Apple
  33. Slippy Stairs
  34. Santa Deliveries
  35. North Pole
  36. Home 4 Holidays
  37. Dancing Baubles
  38. Unwrap the Present
  39. Falling Up
  40. Decoy
  41. Jingle Bell Farewell
  42. Opened Gifts
  43. Festive Strings
  44. Break out the Joy
  45. Pine Lines
  46. Pressies
  47. Blow the Box
  48. Milk n Cookies

​​Secret LevelsEdit

Secret Level #1: Slick Skate

Secret Level #2: Sugarplums


  • Instead of the standard 50 levels, there are only 48 standard levels, with two secret ones.
    • The first level is accessible by clicking the star on the Christmas tree. The second hidden level you have to click the purple present.
  • On all Bloons 2 games, including this one, the bloons on the main screen are poppable when you place your mouse over a bloon.

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