The Bloons 2 editor will be available end of October, 2010. Even more functionality than the Bloons Editor - all the new Bloons, new block types, and finer placement grid. Pre-order before the end of October and get 50% off!
~ Upgrade description

The Bloons 2 Level Builder Presale was available in the Bloons 2 Store prior to the release of Bloons 2 for 1,000 MochiCoins. It allowed the player to pre-purchase access to the Bloons 2 Level Editor for when it released at the end of October, 2010. If the player pre-purchased the level editor, it was 50% off. If the player purchased once it is released, it was at full price. The player could gain free access to the level editor by completing every level in Bloons 2, according to the Presale description.

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