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Bloons Insanity is a game in the Bloons series for experts. It features fifty levels from Bloonsworld and MyNinjaKiwi and "served them up in one misery inducing pack of trickery-pokery". It is a much harder version of the regular bloons game, hence the name.


Bloons insanity levels

Bloons Insanity levels

Bloons Insanity Levels 1-25 Walkthrough06:07

Bloons Insanity Levels 1-25 Walkthrough

Bloons Insanity Levels 26-45 Walkthrough09:29

Bloons Insanity Levels 26-45 Walkthrough

Bloons Insanity Levels 46-50 Walkthrough03:26

Bloons Insanity Levels 46-50 Walkthrough

Levels are much harder than previous versions, and players may easily get stuck on some levels, even in the first ones. Here's a list of levels:

  1. Rudiments
  2. Sweet Shots
  3. Rough Landing
  4. Length of a Sea
  5. Midnight
  6. Bloons Chaos
  7. NightShade
  8. Instinctive
  9. Iron Phantom
  10. Hidden Secrets (Level 10)
  11. White Bloons
  12. Earth
  13. La Divertida
  14. Frozen in Time
  15. Manitine
  16. Jyo Pack
  17. Frozen in Time 2
  18. Hidden Secrets (Level 18)
  19. 20 Star mix
  20. Pirate Raid
  21. Balooga Whale (Level 21)
  22. Bloon Bro
  23. Fracture
  24. The Machinist
  25. Airlock II
  26. Hunter
  27. Piggys Fun Pack
  28. Nightfall
  29. Sapphire Star
  30. Turkish Delight
  31. Strawberry Bloon (Level 31)
  32. Balooga Whale 2
  33. Olympian
  34. Strawberry Bloon (Level 34)
  35. Champion
  36. Balooga Whale (Level 36)
  37. Blue Moon
  38. Fried Potatoes
  39. Earth 2
  40. Jail Break
  41. Brain Power
  42. Strategy is Key
  43. Big Flat Footed
  44. Chaos Bloons
  45. Mercury
  46. Parallax
  47. Tropic Thunder
  48. Smoke n Mirrors
  49. Method
  50. Amphisbaena
Bloons insanity win screen

the win screen is flashing, unlike other bloons games.


  • Many levels in this game have 1 starting darts and 100% pop requirement.


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