Bigger darts, slower aiming arrow, 50 brand new easy fun levels suitable for the young or young of heart! Enjoy Ninja Kiwi's Bloons Junior game.
~ Official description

Bloons Junior is a bloons game designed to be made easier for beginners. The darts are bigger and heavier, and the game is played on different levels. The aim arrows move a bit slower. It is a good idea to try this before trying the proper versions, as this can help get the grips a bit. It is also aimed at younger children hence the name, Bloons Junior.


Bloons junior

Bloons Junior screenshot showing the larger size of the dart

Bloons junior level select
Bloons junior win screen
  1. Begin
  2. Three Lines
  3. Tacky
  4. Diamonds
  5. Breakout
  6. Lovely
  7. Bombs Away
  8. Clearout (Level 8)
  9. Funomenal
  10. Swiper
  11. Rubberised
  12. Rubberised 2
  13. Rebound
  14. Cherry Bomb
  15. Bouncy Balls
  16. Trick shot
  17. Swish
  18. Boomerang
  19. Cold at Heart
  20. Beat the Cold
  21. Skipping
  22. Blowtorch
  23. Waffle
  24. Snowlympics
  25. Good Dog
  26. Castle
  27. Trampolinear
  28. Roundabout
  29. Soft Centre
  30. Breakdown
  31. Four Corners
  32. Good Idea
  33. Defrost
  34. Tic Tac Toe
  35. Clearout (Level 35)
  36. Trapped
  37. Bounce off
  38. Which First
  39. Careful
  40. Fall
  41. All
  42. Over the Edge
  43. Need Skill
  44. Scoop
  45. Round the Bend
  46. Baby Steps
  47. Nasty
  48. Duck n Dive
  49. Thinker
  50. Big Shot


  • There are concise instructions for how to play the Bloons game, along with many images of each bloon too.

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