Play 50 brand new fantastic levels of Bloons created by the fans at Bloonsworld! Some of these are even harder than More Bloons, you have been warned!!
~ Official description

Bloons Player Pack is a version of the Bloons series. It has the same objectives as the original: Pop a certain amount of Bloons with limited darts. It could be considered an expansion. It is the first Bloons Player Pack in the Bloons series. It was made by Ninja Kiwi, but the levels are made by players so the levels can be still played on Bloons World and MyNinjaKiwi.


Note that the level names are spelt in the way the creator of each level is written.

Bpp1 level select
Bpp1 win screen
  1. Message Final
  2. blind rage
  3. the trinity
  4. Broken Heart
  5. Pop one
  6. Alot going on
  7. Temple 2
  8. Narrow Escape
  9. Slick Ribbon
  10. In the mine shaft
  11. Champ Four
  12. Have fun
  13. Where to start
  14. Pirate Ship
  15. Ats First
  16. Sitting Pretty
  17. Three Shots
  18. reload
  19. Aim n drop
  20. gotta pop em all
  21. Ice bounce hell
  22. What way
  23. LUE
  24. 9 step recovery
  25. Hirad
  26. Rubber Trouble
  27. Thraun
  28. Follow the bloon
  29. u cant pop this
  30. Crack the safe 2
  31. beer pong
  32. Thin Ice
  33. full clip
  34. Dry the river
  35. Bank on it
  36. StepBangins
  37. Ice Blockade
  38. 4 3 2 1 boom
  39. unlucky number
  40. Skippy
  41. NuthnsImpossible
  42. StepBangAgain
  43. my best
  44. It looks easy
  45. thinkkk
  46. trap disabling
  47. Ice Age
  48. Trifunctional
  49. nails
  50. madness

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