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Bloons Super Monkey 2 is a game released by Ninja Kiwi on mobile devices in a completely new form than the flash versions, with improved 3D graphics, boost crates, tons of levels, new characters, new bosses, and more. The game was released on November 1, 2016 (postponed from the original date of release: October 19). It costs $2.99 USD to get the game. It is available to iOS 8+ players and Android devices (and any other operating systems?).


Bloons Super Monkey 2 Mobile has very similar gameplay to Bloons Super Monkey 2. The player controls a monkey by holding a finger on their screen. With each bloon popped, Blops are earned, which is currency used to unlock various upgrades and abilities. Players can be rewarded with different medals based on the amount of bloons they have popped in a level: "Bronze", "Silver", "Gold", and "Diamond". "Diamond" is the hardest to achieve, as it requires every bloon in a level to be popped.

New FeaturesEdit

  • The addition of the Lab, where players can access their upgrades, powerups, research, and view their monkey before battle.
  • New characters that the player can use in battle, including the "Ice Monkey" and "Storm Monkey".
  • Experiments that generate Blops for the player.
  • The addition of Blue Blops, which are used to spend on research.
  • The addition of Golden Blops, which count for both Blue Blops and Red Blops, and are 4x more valuable.
  • In-game Store, which gives the option of buying Blops for real world money.
  • 100 total levels, including new bosses.
  • Epic weapons and upgrades, which are unlocked when all upgrades in a weapon path are purchased.
  • The ability to sync save files into your Ninja Kiwi account, and backup progress.



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