Bloons TD (DSi ware) is a game released on the Nintendo DSi in November.


The gameplay is a lot like Bloons TD 3, since the graphics appear similarly. Also, all the towers from Bloons TD 3 are featured in this game (This even includes Road Spikes, Monkey Glue and Pineapple). However, the graphics appear shockingly poor, unlike its computer predecessor, which can be attributed to being DSiware.


In the DSi shop, it is 500 DSi points, or $4.99 in the Nintendo eshop (3DS). For the DSi shop, there is a 1 cent difference.

Bloon typesEdit

For this game, there are these different Bloon types:

Tower typesEdit

For this game, there are these different towers:

There are also additional items that can only be used once (was listed above):


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