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Bloons TD Battles
Bloons TD Battles Logo
Bloons TD Battles Logo
Platforms Computer, iPad, iPhone, Android devices
Release Date December 13, 2012
Price Free
Developer Kaiparasoft (Ninja Kiwi)
Publisher Ninja Kiwi
Tracks 20; Random selection
Bloon Types 14 (+ Camo & Regrowth types)
Towers 17

Bloons TD Battles is the multiplayer, competitive version of Bloons TD 5, with different strategies, tracks, and features. In this game, players use their money to send bloons (Assault Mode only), purchase income boosts (Defend Mode only) and build towers, with 150 lives at the player's disposal to defend against both consistent, computer-generated bloons and, if playing in Assault Mode, unpredictable bloons sent by their opponent.

Ninja Kiwi account is required in order to play this game on the computer.

The Main Menu of Bloons TD Battles has 5 options:

  • Quick Battle: Searches for a random opponent to play against.
  • Private Battle: Lets the player create battles and join battles created by other players, but only if the Battle ID is known by the joining player.
  • High Scores: Checks the leaderboard for the highest battle score.
  • Towers & Bloons:
    • Towers and their Tier 4 upgrades can be purchased here using Medallions.
    • Bloons Decals, essentially decoration for bloons, can also be purchased with medallions.
  • Store: Brings up the Store, similar to the Premium Store in Bloons TD 5.



Main article: Bloon Prices
  • All bloons have an income change, either increasing or decreasing (or neither) the player's only initial source of extra money besides Banana Farms in the game, a 6-second income boost.
    • Thus, as the player obtains no money from popping bloons, it is important to constantly improve their income by sending bloons which increase the most income for the lowest cost.
    • In Defend Mode on the other hand, the player's only way of improving their income is by purchasing periodic income boosts.
  • In assault mode, you start off with $250 income, and $650 right off from the get-go. This means that you will get $250 per 6 seconds. By spending money to send out bloons at your opponent, you can increase the amount of money you get every 6 seconds. For example, if you send out 8 grouped red bloons, your income will increase by $1.
    • As rounds progress, stronger and stronger bloons get unlocked, meaning that you will have to improve your defenses. For instance, spaced Pink Bloons are unlocked on round 4, and spaced Black Bloons are unlocked on round 6.
    • Bloon sends can be Regenerating or Camo. These modifiers are unlocked on round 8 and 12 respectively. Changing bloon types this way will incur an additional multiplier on the cost of the bloon. For instance, the cost multiplies by ×1.8 and ×2 respectively, or ×3.8 if both are applied. MOAB-Class Bloons are unaffected, but their non-blimp children spawned are.


Main article: Battle Score


Rounds are mostly the even-only equivalent of those in Bloons TD 5, with only a few exceptions. For instance, Round 43 represents Round 85 of BTD5 instead of 86, and Round 12 that is Round 25 of BTD5 instead of 24. However, in the iOS version, Round 12 is Round 24 of BTD5 instead of 25.

A round only begins 4 seconds after one player has popped all computer-generated bloons in the previous round, or 8 seconds after all the natural bloons have been spawned, whichever occurs earlier.

Spoiler warning
  • Round 1: 30 Red Bloons
  • Round 2: 30 reds, 15 blues
  • Grouped Reds and Spaced Blues unlocked
  • Round 3: 15 reds, 15 blues, 4 greens
  • Round 4: 10 reds, 20 blues, 14 greens
  • Grouped Blues and Spaced Pinks unlocked
  • Round 5: 102 blues (dense final rush)
  • Round 6: 15 blues, 10 greens, 5 yellows
  • Grouped Greens and Spaced Blacks unlocked
  • Round 7: 49 reds, 15 blues, 10 greens, 9 yellows
  • Round 8: 20 greens, 8 yellows, 4 pinks
  • Grouped Yellows, Spaced Whites, and regen factor unlocked
  • Round 9: 80 greens (dense final rush)
  • Round 10: 6 blacks
  • Grouped Pinks and Spaced Leads unlocked
  • Round 11: 8 whites
  • Grouped Blacks and Spaced Zebras unlocked
  • Round 12: 31 regen yellows
  • Grouped Whites, Spaced Rainbows, and camo factor unlocked
  • Round 13: 23 pinks, 4 zebras
  • Grouped Zebras and Grouped Rainbows unlocked
  • Round 14: 4 leads
  • Round 15: 9 leads
  • Grouped Leads and Ceramics unlocked
  • Round 16: 25 black, 28 white, 8 lead
  • Round 17: 140 yellows, 5 zebras
  • Round 18: 81 pinks (3 rushes, last rush contains notably more)
  • FC Ceramics and MOABs unlocked
  • Round 19: 42 regen pinks, 17 whites, 14 leads, 10 zebras, 4 rainbows
  • Round 20: 10 rainbows, 4 ceramics
  • FC MOABs and BFBs unlocked
  • Round 21: 6 regen rainbows, 6 camo rainbows
  • Round 22: 50 zebras
  • FC BFBs and ZOMGs unlocked
  • From this point on: All bloon sends are eligible
  • Round 23: 1 M.O.A.B.
  • Round 24: 120 regen pinks, 50 rainbows
  • Round 25: 20 reds, 8 leads, 20 ceramics, 2 M.O.A.B.s (order: MOAB, leads, reds, ceramics, MOAB)
  • Round 26: 25 rainbows, 10 ceramics, 2 M.O.A.B.s
  • Round 27: 35 ceramics, 2 M.O.A.B.s
  • Round 28: 40 regen rainbows, 1 M.O.A.B.
  • Round 29: 29 ceramics, 5 M.O.A.B.s
  • Round 30: 1 B.F.B
  • From this point on: speed of all bloons increased 20%, MOAB-class bloon health increased by 40% every round
  • Round 31: 300 camo pinks, 15 camo regen rainbows, 6 M.O.A.B.s
  • Round 32: 9 M.O.A.B.s (grouped)
  • Round 33: 12 M.O.A.B.s (grouped)
  • Round 34: 4 M.O.A.B.s, 1 B.F.B
  • Round 35: 200 camo rainbows, 4 M.O.A.B.s
  • From this point on: all ceramics become 'Super Ceramics' with 38 outer health but spawning only one of each child bloon (1 rainbow, 1 zebra, etc.)**
  • Round 36: 38 regen ceramics, 2 B.F.B.s
  • Round 37: 200 ceramics, 1 B.F.B.
  • Round 38: 60 regrowth ceramics (1 deadly rush)
  • Round 39: 150 rainbows, 75 ceramics, 72 camo ceramics, 1 B.F.B.
  • Round 40: 31 M.O.A.B.s (grouped)
  • Round 41: 400 camo regen rainbows, 10 B.F.B.s (spaced)
  • Round 42: 50 M.O.A.B.s, 10 B.F.B.s
  • Round 43: 1 Z.O.M.G.
  • From this point on: freeplay mode begins (random bloon spawns between ceramics and ZOMGs)


Main article: Tracks#Bloons TD Battles Tracks

Other featuresEdit

  • Battle Energy1 is recovered every 12 minutes.
  • Medallions appear to be much like the Bloons TD Battles version of the Bloons TD 5 Monkey Money used to buy Towers and Bloon Decals in the Shop/Towers & Bloons menu.
    • The player earns Medallion Icon2 for losing, Medallion Icon5 for a win, and 7 for a flawless win.
  • Battle Score Icon10 is awarded for winning. Losing rewards Battle Score Icon2.
  • There are 2 "abilities" to use during the thirty-second time before battles: the spy and an extra tower slot. The spy costs Battle Energy3 and lets you see the opponent's towers and the extra tower slot costs Battle Energy6 and lets you choose 1 extra tower for a total of five towers
    • In the mobile edition, the bonus is chosen randomly by a roll and can be any tower, even towers you didn't yet unlock. Rolling costs 1 energy and rerolling costs 3.
  • The player can choose between Assault and Defensive Mode.
    • In Assault Mode, the player attempts to crush their opponent with bloons, similar to the Bloons TD Battles before the update with defend mode. After Round 30, all player-sent bloons will have their speed boosted by 20% each wave.
    • In Defend Mode, the player attempts to outlast their opponent. They cannot send any bloons, and have an initial income of $60. It can be increased by purchasing income boosts, which have a cooldown based on the income increase; the higher the boost, the longer the cooldown, but also the more cost-effective the boost is. Income is capped at $3,000.
      • Small income boost - Increases income by $2. Cost: $50. Takes 150 seconds to "break even", as in, pay for itself.
      • Medium income boost - Increases income by $15. Cost: $300. Takes 120 seconds to break even.
      • Large income boost - Increases income by $70. Cost: $1,000. Takes approximately 90 seconds to break even.
      • Huge income boost - Increases income by $700. Cost: $7,500. Takes approximately 66 seconds to break even.
  • MOAB-class bloons gain 20% speed and 40% health per wave after round 30.
  • Selling towers returns 70% of the purchasing price rather than 80%.
  • In-game chat and the Dartling Gun were added to Bloons TD Battles in the same update that added the track Hydro Dam to the game.

Portable VersionsEdit

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