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Unlike other Bloons games, your opponent in BTD Battles is a human capable of changing his strategy to counter yours. As a result, it is pointless to remove a strategy from this page because you used it and lost. That's a bit like trying to get a soccer website taken off the Internet because it suggested shooting from the left and the team you played against's goalkeeper was best against defending shots from the left.

Due to this, these strategies are more like guidelines. Sometimes, they won't work. Sometimes they will. Feel free to abandon a strategy if your opponent knows how to counter it.


This is a set of guidelines players of BTD Battles should keep in mind before they have the medallions to buy a more independently powerful tower like the Boomerang or Ice Tower.

1. In general when you have the 5 towers provided to you in the beginning, the Dart Monkey, Tack Shooter, Ninja, Sniper, and Bomb Tower, the Tack Shooter is not quite as useful without access to the Ring of Fire or Blade Maelstrom and should be used slightly less than other towers until you get those fourth-tier upgrades for it.

2. For good camo detection, you should have several 3/2 Ninjas and 2/3 Dart Monkeys for the main popping power of camo bloons, while you have at least 2 1/2 Snipers to only pop lead camos.

3. You should never plan to go into the late game because your chances of survival are low when many MOABs and BFBs show up. For MOAB class popping power, use MOAB Maulers with Frag Bombs to destroy them quickly.

4. Since your towers are cheap and your true key to defense is quantity of towers over quality, you do not need to worry about economy as long as it is decent, (a decent income might be between $800-$1000) then focus on defeating your opponents.

5. When the time comes, when you can afford them with your income, feel confident in spamming 2/3 Ninjas and Snipers. They solidify your camo detection and even your regen and regular bloon popping power as a whole.

6. Ninjas are utterly useless against economy bloons sent by your opponent. Use Cannons to deal with the economy bloons.

7. In Round 13, send a Regrow Rainbow rush to win easily.

A description of each tower's usefulness in BTD BattlesEdit

  • 1. Dart Monkey: Surprisingly, the Dart Monkey can be a very useful tower for beginners and experts alike. One use is to act as Zebra and Black Bloon popping power for Cluster Bombs. Another use is utizling Juggernauts and the Super Monkey Fan Club as a MOAB, BFB, and Ceramic fighting tool as a team. Suprisingly you can only use Dart Monkeys as a tower with no support if you add new ones with the right upgrades at appropriate times. By using Super Monkey Fan Club, then upgrading to Juggernaut, the Juggernauts shoot at the speed of a Super Monkey, and can even destroy a ZOMG if used at the right time and have all ten.
  • 2. Tack Shooter: A great tower for Bloon popping power for players that have fourth-tier Tack Shooters, otherwise the reliance of Tack Shooters is slightly less. A 3/0 Tack Shooter and 3/0 Cannon, properly placed, can defeat Round 6 with no support. A single Ring of Fire can destroy a opponents regrow rainbow rush and 2 can destroy regrow ceramic rushes being solid bloon popping power throughout the game. The Blade Maelstrom can be a life saving if high level Bloons get past your Ring of Fire. Tack Sprayers can be also used to help destroy the ceramic layer of bloons so the Ring of Fire can clean up the rest.
  • 3. Sniper Monkey: Almost useless compared to the other towers' performance. The Sniper Monkey does however have two very specific uses. For beginners, the Sniper can act as lead camo detection while Ninjas clean up the rest. If you were unfortunate enough to get Snipers as a random tower, 1/1 Snipers have enough power to even destroy MOABs when massed, even though this is not recommended as an actual strategy, even on mobile.
  • 4. Boomerang Thrower: Like the Tack Shooter, this tower can be used alone for bloon popping power, or in combination with Ice Towers, Bombs, or even Ninjas. It is overall, a very flexible tower with many uses. Ricochets can be used for grouped regrows, and Bionic Boomers can act as a direct destroyer of ceramic layers and other non-grouped bloons. Even second-tier Boomerangs can be used in certain situations as black or white bloon popping power. The Glaive Lord is great if you can get it for camo detection and delivers a large portion of damage to MOAB-class bloons too. Turbo Charge is similar to the Blade Maelstrom, as it can be a life saver for ceramics and MOABs that get too far.
  • 5. Ninja Monkey: Beginners often thinks of ninjas as only for camo detection, but ninjas can be incredible MOAB and bloon popping power. Bloonjitzu with Distraction can be great to stop regrow ceramics and ZOMG rushes if you have enough of them. A common technique is to combine a 2/2 or 3/2 Ninja with a Cluster Bomb for a well-rounded defense and also prevents Mortar exploits as this tower is a automatic camo detector. Flash Bomb is not recommended always because of the price, but the Sabotage ability can be used throughout the late game to slow the bloons down.
  • 6. Ice Monkey: The Ice Tower is a very effective tool against bloons and bloons alone. The Arctic Wind can slow bloons effectively enough to allow Boomerangs to clean them up. Ice Shards should be teamed with the Arctic Wind for total effectiveness. Fourth-tier Ice Towers are not essential unless you plan to go for "max" temples with the Super Monkey. However, due to mechanics on mobile, it is as useless as the Gluer on mobile. In previous versions of the game, "ice stalling" was possible, which is delaying the end of the round by freezing bloons.
  • 7. Glue Gunner: This tower is rarely seen in non-randomization games. In Bloons Monkey City and BTD5's Apopalypse mode, the Glue Gunner is a much more acceptable choice. Even the Glue and Ice Tower strategy fails in the end with the Glue Gunners lack of MOAB popping power and expensive cost to get Bloon Remover, which makes the Glue Gunner actually useful against ceramics. However, combining the Glue Splatter ability on Bloontonium Mines as well as a Juggernaut, you can defeat rainbow rushes of any size!
  • 8. Bomb Tower: This is a very flexible and universally useful tower. The Cluster Bomb and its fourth-tier upgrade destroy bloons in a large radius by stalling them to allow other towers to inflict more damage. MOAB Maulers are one of the most cost efficient tools against MOABs and BFBs. The assassins can be used as a late game ZOMG eliminator.
  • 9. Monkey Buccaneer: If you have a considerable amount of water on the course (such as Hydro Dam, Battle Park, or Battle River), this tower can be a very efficient tool against any bloons and even against rushes. A buy and sell Monkey Pirate strategy can destroy almost infinite MOABs and BFBs sent if your defense cannot deal with them. Aircraft Carrier is useful but don't expect to get it until the late game. Like the Ninja and Apprentice, the Buccaneer can be used to stop Mortar exploits because of its easy to upgrade camo detection.
  • 10. Monkey Ace: A not directly wise choice at the beginning, but a great late game tower as a Ground Zero. It can be deadly to almost all bloons on screen, and also many MOABs and ceramics. Spectres are also good but a little expensive in the early game.
  • 11. Banana Farm: This tower is up to you. If you dislike the bloon economy or even like having the money used to build them stock piled for rushes, use them. If you like bloon economy, you may never want to use them as a additonal income source. However, if you're going for something expensive, this is recommended. Do not pair with Dartlings.
  • 12. Mortar: This can be disputes as the best camo detection along with the Monkey Village, which is more expensive and does not actually damage bloons itself. The burny stuff is very useful against many bloons and it is very popular on Hydro Dam to use a Mortar in the beginning against the grouped reds and blues. If it is mainly for camo detection, get it around Round 10-11ish. The artillery battery can stall any bloon except ZOMGs if sold and re-bought quickly enough making it a technique against rushes you cannot handle alone (WARNING: To make it efficient, you need some other towers to still do damage to the bloons, as the artillery alone will not solve your problems. One-path third-tier is a waste of money and First-path fourth-tier is reserved for certain stages. Mortar stalling (0/4) is quite powerful, but beware of Mortar exploits.
  • 13. Dartling Gun: The dartling gun is best suited for Hydro Dam where it can be placed on the top of the map where the dam ends to shoot straight down at the bloons. The dartling gun combines camo detection with decent MOAB popping power. Hydra Rockets beats a laser cannon in its worth against grouped ceramics and MOABs. In the late game, Hydra Pods and Rays of Doom that are combined with MOAB Assassins are a efficient late game combo. On the mobile version, do not pair the Dartling Gun with Banana Farms as they point to wherever you tap, which isn't useful when you need to constantly pick up bananas.
  • 14. Monkey Village: A very good support tower in the late game. It can be used in place of a Mortar for camo detection and the surrounding towers will always see the camos making the detection technically better than the Mortar initially but more expense reducing your ability to get bloon economy than a mortar user. The first-path fourth-tier can maximize the MOAB Assassins and the Tech Terror's efficiency by increasing the speed of the cool-down to re-use the ability.
  • 15. Monkey Apprentice: In the mobile version, Wizards seem much more popular to people because of their increased efficiency than the Flash version. Wizards can indeed still be used as a tower, but is not particularly the best choice for beginners who cannot use them efficiently. Lightning is helpful. Disciples of Fire are much better than Disciples of Wind as they have a powerful attack against bloons and MOABs alike. However, tornadoes can still be used in combination to push stray ceramics back to the Fire Wizards. Fourth-tier is up to you. They are powerful but not at all necessary to a great defense. They do not bode well against spaced bloons. Using them against pinks will result in leakage.
  • 16. Super Monkey: This tower will always be the most powerful but not the best in cost. To fully utilize this powerful tower, a strong bloon income should be built to get the Plasma and Robo Monkey upgrades to start.                                  
  • 17. Spike Factory: Extremely useful tower for Defense and Assault alike. They're usually best to be placed at the end of the track, to stop any bloons that might get out. MOAB Shredder Spikes can shred many MOAB class before it reaches any other towers. However, you might need a Cripple MOAB or Bloon Impact to stall nearby bloons and MOABs so that the Spike Factory can lay down its spikes quick enough. Spike Storm has been nerfed and is no longer as OP.
  • 18. Monkey Engineer: Many of these, combined with sentries, are extremely effective against almost every bloon. Cleansing Foam is effective in bunches, and bloon traps can trap a bunch of bloons, and also get you cash to build more Engineers. However, these are not recommended to be the main defense against camo. You probably want to get a Bomb Tower to pop the leads, despite Cleansing Foam doing most of that job.
  • 19. Bloonchipper: Bloonchippers are useful in the early rounds; however, due to increasing number of bloons and MOABs in the later rounds, it would be advised to just get 4/2 Bloonchippers to shred MOAB class before it reaches other bloons. Overall, they're an OK defense. Just make sure you have towers nearby to pop camo bloons.
  • 20. Heli Pilot: Effective tower in the later rounds. Razor Rotors are effective in ripping up even more bloons, and Downdraft can bring bloons back to the start. Quad Darts can take down even more bloons, and Apache Dartship is effective for taking down many bloons, excluding the mighty ZOMG.
  • 21. Monkey Sub: Monkey Subs are extremely popular, not only because it's mobile exclusive, but because they are cheap and efficient in taking down bloon hordes. Advanced Intel and Airburst Darts make a great team, and a bunch of Ballistic Missiles should clear a MOAB and maybe a BFB. FSC should be bought later, when you have more money.
  • 22. COBRA: An extremely powerful game changer. However, because of its high medal count, it is very expensive on it. It has many useful upgrades that are considered to be overpowered by many. Its guns pop 2 layers each. Upgrades like Bloon Adjustment and Attrition can bring down the opponent very quickly. However, there is a way to overcome the COBRA. As soon as you see one, start sending out grouped rushes of yellow or pink bloons. The COBRA is used as a support tower, and by itself has a bad popping power.

Strategy ListEdit

Park Edit

  • As this is a very long track, it is quite easy. Many strategies work well on this map.
  • 1. Superjombombo's Strategy (Cannon, Tack Shooter, Mortar, Optional):
    • Start with a 0/0 cannon. Upgrade to 2/0.
    • At the start of Round 2, send grouped reds until your economy is 300+.
    • Get 3/0 cannon by Round 4.
    • Continue with the economy, sending grouped blues now.
    • Stop with the blues at mid round 5 and build a 3/0 tack shooter in the first curve.
    • Continue with sending grouped greens.
    • At round 8, if your opponent only has a bionic boomer, send mass quantities of regrow yellows.
    • If not, sending yellows to end of Round 9.
    • Send pinks to end of Round 10.
    • Get a 2/3 Mortar, aimed either at the first curve, or the middle of all three paths.
    • Save up until round 13.
    • If your opponent does not have sufficient RRoD defense, rush them with RRoDs. If they do, get a 4/0 tack shooter.
    • If your opponent does not have sufficient RCoD defense, rush them with the ceramics. If they do, get 2 more Tack Sprayers.
    • Build your economy to 1000, usually this happens around Round 17.
    • Build two MOAB Maulers.
    • Save up until Round 22 or 23.
    • Send lots of Fast Cooldown BFBs. If your opponent has Blade Maelstrom, send camo BFBs, as the ability does not affect camos and there are too many bloons for the Mortar to decamolize (if they have a Village there is no way the Maelstrom will affect the camo bloons).
    • You will mostly likely win, if you do not, you can attempt to rebuild your economy, though the chances of you losing is great.
  • 2. Ring of Fire OP (Tack Shooter, Mortar, Cannon, Optional)
    • Start with a 3/0 Tack Shooter.
    • Saving up for Ring of Fire.
    • At 1:12, you should have a Ring of Fire.
    • Send economy bloons all the way to the end of Round 10, unless your opponent is especially vulnerable to a rush.
    • Get a 2/3 Mortar, aiming at the spots listed in the above strategy.
    • Get 2 more Tack Sprayers up.
    • Continue with economy unless you can finish your opponent.
    • Get up 2 MOAB Maulers by Round 18.
    • Rush your opponent with whatever you think will work.
  • 3. Glaives Galore (Boomerang Thrower, Mortar, Optional, Optional)
    • Get a 0/0 boomer.
    • Save up for 0/3.
    • Get 1/3 then 2/3.
    • Start sending grouped reds and blues.
    • Keep doing this to mid round 7.
    • Get a 3/0 boomer.
    • Get economy up to 600+ by round 10.
    • Get 2/3 Mortar.
    • Upgrade boomer than 3/2 (this will stop any regrow leads exploits.)
    • Continue building eco.
    • Spam 2/3 Boomers by round 18. If your opponent rushes with MOABs, use Turbo Charge.
    • Boomers are generally not enough to defend BFBs, so rush your opponent before he rushes you. Fast Cooldown MOABs recommended as they are faster than BFBs.
  • 4. Fire and Ice (Ice Tower, Cannon, Mortar, Optional)
    • Get a 0/0 Ice Tower. Upgrade to 2/0 immediately.
    • Send grouped reds until round 4.
    • Get 2 more 0/0 Ice Towers around the 2/0 Ice Towers.
    • More experienced players know this as "Ice Shredding".
    • Continue with your economy until mid round 7.
    • Build a 3/0 cannon by round 8.
    • Get deep freeze on the 2/0 Ice Tower.
    • Continue with economy unless you can finish your opponent.
    • Get a 2/3 Mortar.
    • Upgrade 2/2 Ice Tower to 2/3. Add additional Ice Towers.
    • Rush your opponent if you think it wise, other build economy to 1200+.
    • Build MOAB Maulers.
    • Finish your opponent if you can.
    • Upgrade one Ice Tower to 3/2.
    • Upgrade cannon to 4/2.
    • Upgrade mortar to 2/4.
    • If the game goes that far, try ZOMG and/or extremely dense BFB rushes.

Temple Edit

  • This would probably be considered an intermediate track in BTD 5, as its path is relatively short.
  • 1. Ring Around the Rosie (Tack Shooter, Mortar, Bomb, Optional)
    • Get a 0/0 Tack Shooter to 3/0.
    • Upgrade to 4/0.
    • Send economy bloons until end of Round 10.
    • Get 2/3 Mortar.
    • Get 2 more Tack Sprayers.
    • Finish your opponent if you can.
    • Otherwise, build economy.
    • Build MOAB Maulers.
    • Finish your opponent with MOAB-class bloons.
    • As an extra precaution, add a Blade Maelstrom before you rush.
  • 2. Banana Throwers (Boomerang Thrower, Banana Farm, Mortar, Optional)
    • Note: This strategy works better for the right side.
    • Get a 0/0 boomer.
    • Upgrade to 0/3, then to 2/3.
    • Build many Farms, and upgrade some to 1/0, others to 2/0.
    • By Round 8, get a 3/0 Boomer.
    • Continue with Farms.
    • Get a 2/3 Mortar.
    • Finish your opponent if you can.
    • Otherwise, build a 2/3 and 3/2 boomer.
    • Upgrade 3/0 to 3/2.
    • You should finish your opponent at Round 18, if not sell all farms and get Turbo Charges.
    • Rush your opponent as your stand no chances against BFBs, unless you have a good last tower.

Yin Yang Edit

  • Being one of the stranger maps in BTD Battles, this map does not have a good spot for Mortars or Tack Shooters. Therefore, some strategies will not work on this map. If you choose to use a Mortar, you will need other camo detection (such as ninjas or boats).
  • 1. Pirates of the Yin Yang (Monkey Buccaneer, Cannon, Mortar, Optional)
    • Start out with a 0/0 boat, upgrade him to 0/1.
    • Send grouped reds.
    • Get another 0/1 boat by Round 4.
    • Get more 0/1 boats, sending economy bloons while doing so. Stop at Round 8.
    • By Round 12, get a 3/0 Cannon and 2/3 Mortar.
    • Get a 4/2 Cannon by round 13. Sell any boats if necessary.
    • Rush your opponent if you think it will kill them.
    • Add more boats, and upgrade some to 3/2, others to 2/3.
    • If needed, get Monkey Pirates (0/4 Ability).
    • Build a Mauler army.
    • Build another 4/2 cannon.
    • Upgrade Mortar to 2/4.
    • Rush, rush, rush!
    • If this goes to round 40, get lots of Pirates and Assassins to take down the BFBs and ZOMGs.

Cards Edit

  • One of the oldest maps in BTD Battles. It is also relatively short, making late game unlikely. Less strategies work on this map.
  • 1. Cluster Chaos (Bomb Tower, Ninja, Mortar, Optional)
    • Get a Cannon at where the two paths intersect. (set to close)
    • Upgrade it to 2/0 by the time Round 2 starts.
    • Send Reds continuously, getting a 3/0 cannon while doing so (this will happen in Round 3)
    • If your opponent is rushing you with pinks, get a ninja; if not, rush them with pinks or blues respectively.
    • Continue economy until the end of Round 5.
    • Upgrade ninja to 2/1 by Round 6, 3/2 by Round 8.
    • Send more economy bloons until MIDDLE of Round 12.
    • The reason why you do this is because Ninjas have camo detection, and Camo Leads are very slow.
    • Get a 2/3 Mortar, aimed near the center.
    • Upgrade 3/0 cannon to 4/2.
    • Kill your opponent if you can.
    • Otherwise than that, build up a Mauler army and rush them with Camo or Regrow Fast Cooldown BFBs on Round 22.
  • 2. The "Old" Strategy (Farms, Boomerang, Bomb Tower, Optional)
    • Start out with a 0/0 Farm.
    • Get a 0/0 Boomer ASAP
    • Upgrade Farm to 1/0
    • If your opponent is rushing you with reds, get a cannon, if not, save up.
    • Get a bionic boomer 0/3 by round 4.
    • Upgrade to 2/4.
    • Continue building farms, whether to upgrade to 2/0 is up to you.
    • Note: If your opponent is vulnerable to any bloons you can send, save up and rush them mass quantities of that bloon instead of building farms.
    • By Round 8, get a 3/0 boomer near where the two paths intersect.
    • By Round 12, get a 2/3 Mortar.
    • By Round 13, get another 3/2 Boomer and upgrade other boomer to 3/2.
    • By Round 15, get another 2/3 Boomer.
    • Assuming your opponent is still alive, follow the above strategy from here.

Rally Edit

  • See Park Strategies. All strategies there work on Rally.

Bloontonium Mine Edit

Get 2 (3 if possible) Dart Monkey, one behind another on the long straight so that when you upgrade them to Spike-o-Pult, they can get the most of its popping tower. Get 500+ economy then build a 2/3 Boomerang Thrower near the start. Make sure you get a 2/3 mortar before round 12. Get a few 3/0 and 2/3 Boomerang Throwers. If you can, upgrade the Spike-o-Pults to Juggernauts. Then spam lots of MOAB Maulers (0/3 or 2/3 Bomb Towers) near the start and a couple of 4/2 Bomb Towers (Bloon Impact) near the middle. Also get a couple more 2/3mortars for camo detection and then start getting even higher income by sending out grouped pinks (hotkey 5) and then use your extra money to spam even more MOAB Maulers. Once you can't fit any more on the screen, upgrade tour MOAB Maulers to MOAB Assassins (2/4 Bomb Towers) and then start getting Glaive Lords (4/2 Boomerang Thrower). Your plan is to outlive your opponent. 

Hydro Dam(Dartling,Bomb,super monkey) Edit

Pyramid Steps Edit

  • See Park Strategies. All strategies there work on Pyramid Steps.

Pumpkin Patch Edit

Battle Park Edit

  • See Park Strategies. All strategies there work on Battle Park.

Ice Flow Edit

Yellow Brick Edit

  • See Park Strategies. All strategies there work on Yellow Brick.

Swamp Edit

Mondrian Edit

Battle River Edit

  • See Park Strategies. All strategies there work on Battle River.

Zen Garden Edit

Volcano Edit

Water Hazard Edit

Indoor Pools Edit

A-Game Edit

Ink Blot Edit

I don't have a strategy yet since this is a new map but I'd just like to point out that you can place boats in the ink so I would start with a boat.

Snowy Castle Edit

Mobile strategies (Don't try these on a computer) Edit

  • 1. Defensive Water Strats (Monkey Sub, Monkey Apprentice, Banana Farm) (Requires a water map)
    • Get a Sub and upgrade to 1/1
    • If your opponent is spamming you with bloons, get Airburst Darts.
    • Get a Banana Farm and upgrade to 1/0
    • Get another Banana Farm and upgrade to 1/0
    • Get a Banana Farm and upgrade to 1/0
    • Put an Apprentice at the start of the map, and get Advanced Intel
    • Upgrade all Banana Farms to 2/0
    • Get another Banana Farm and Upgrade to 2/0
    • Get another Sub and upgrade to 2/2
    • Upgrade Apprentice to 2/2
    • Get all Banana Farms to 3/0 (Optional)
    • Get about 2 more Subs and upgrade to 2/2 again
    • Upgrade Banana Farms all you want :D (Its possible to get four 4/0 Banana Farms before round 35)
    • Upgrade Apprentice to Dragons Breath
    • Get Apprentice and place somewhere near the end, get 2/3.
    • Keep on stockpiling on 3/2 or 2/3 Apprentices, and 2/3 Subs, and its possible to make it round 45+
  • 2.Easy Wins. (Monkey Apprentice, Ninja Monkey, Dart Monkey(Optional)
    •  Place a Ninja Monkey and upgrade to 3/2
    •  If opponent spamming get more Ninja Monkeys
    •  If opponent spamming leads get Apprentice
    •  Wait for round 13
    •  Have at least 4000 cash and spam Regen Rainbows
    •  If your opponent survives, you're screwed because you just spent 4000 money on nothing.
    •  Most likely you will win, and there's a win for you!
    • Start with a Monkey Apprentice. Upgrade it to 2/0.
    • Get a Banana Farm and upgrade it to 2/0.
    • Get a Monkey Engineer. Upgrade the Monkey Engineer to 2/0.
    • Get another Banana Farm and upgrade it to 2/0.
    • Upgrade the Monkey Apprentice to 3/2 and the Monkey Engineer to 3/0.
    • Get another Banana Farm and upgrade it to 2/0.
    • Upgrade the Monkey Engineer to 4/2.
    • Get another Banana Farm and upgrade it to 2/0.
    • Continue to put 2/3 Monkey apprentice and 4/2 Engineers througout the map for the rest of the game.
    • Once in a while, send out M.O.A.Bs, B.F.Bs, ceramics, and maybe a Z.O.M.G. 

4. Engineer-free (Boomerang Thrower, Ninja Monkey, Monkey Apprentice): (Does not work on Hydro Dam):Edit

    • Start with a ninja. Upgrade it to 2/2.
    • Spam reds till your income is $275.
    • Get a boomerang thrower and upgrade it to 2/3.
    • Get another boomerang thrower and upgrade it to 2/3 as well.
    • Send bloons and stop at level 16 or until you reach $500 income.
    • Beware CLoD!
    • You should be able to destroy a rainbow run if your boomerangs are placed correctly.
    • Use a monkey boost if nessesary.
    • On level 16 get a apprentice and upgrade it to 1/2.
    • If you did not reach $500 income send bloons to make it there.
    • Buy a boomerang and a ninja.
    • Upgrade the boomerang to 2/3 and the ninja to 2/2.
    • Upgrade the first ninja to 3/2. Upgrade the apprentice to 2/2.
    • Get another apprentice and upgrade it to 2/2.
    • Build a boomerang and upgrade it to 2/3.
    • Upgrade your 3/2 ninja to 4/2 and your 2/2 ninja to 2/3.
    • Upgrade both apprentices to 3/2.
    • Be ready for round 27, 3 MOABs are going to come!
    • Get another boomerang and upgrade it to 2/3.
    • For the rest of the game add 3/2 boomerangs, 4/2 or 2/3 ninjas, or 3/2 or 2/4 apprentices.
    • Upgrade any towers if needed and try to send some MOAB-class bloons.
    • Beware a BFB on level 20 and a ZOMG on level 22!
    • You should beat a CLoD-free agressor.
  • 5. Strategy 5. (Engineer, Apprentice, Supermonkey, Optional).
    • 1. Start with 2 engineers. Depending on map place one at the bloon entrance and one at the end. (Not too close to the entrance/exit, but close enough to attack them as they come out).
    • Upgrade both with sentry guns only! (1/0) you should have $100, spend this to spam 4 red ballons. If they send bloons green or above you MAY need to get the '9 inch nails' (x/1) upgrade if you are in trouble. But dont go further than this, use energy  if you have to, early game is the hardest.
    • Spam the Grouped Red bloons until lvl 4, then spam the grouped blue bloons. (Hint: only ever send the bloons on the top, these are the spammable bloons which are released quickly, incresing you income.) Spam Grouped greens and yellows until you reach $500 income. DO NOT GO FURTHER! You can finish sending bloons with leftover money, so you have something like $515, but do NOT go to $600.
    • Once there place a mage in a good, central position with lots of access to bloons, prefferably on a corner or repating loop. Upgrade to 2/2.
    • Now for the engineer who is upfront, upgrade to 4/1 increased range is not needed as you want your traps as close to the entance as possible (for income). Empty bloon trap as often as possible!
    • Save up till you have $4000, Buy a super monkey and place it in the center of the map, good position (his range is great but dont upgrade it yet).
    • If you are having trouble with camo bloons upgrade the mage to a dragon's breath, 2/3. Summon tornado, 3/2, is not recommended!
    • After this, save and upgrade your Super monkey to 1/0.
    • Ugrade your Engineer to 4/1. You can make a new Engineer at the start and upgrade him instead, this will increase income because you will have 2 traps being used at the start.
    • Upgrade your Super Monkey to Plasma, 2/0, then simply wait until you can get 3/0 (Sun God). Once you get this, you can send Grouped Black ($150) bloons at them until you have $1000 income. If you are having trouble you can get super and epic range (0/1 and 0/2), but this will kill the bloons before they get to you traps, reducing you income. Get another Super Monkey, this time make him 2/3 (the Robo Monkey). This should give you everything you need to take on the MOAB waves which will come at around lvl 27. If you are stuggling, use an energy on large groups of BFBs.
    • This may sound crazy, but then save up until you have $100,000 for the Temple of the Monkey God upgrade (4/x), once you get this, you are unlikely to be beaten. If you like you can send more Grouped Black bloons ($150) to increase income to $2000. Once you have temple, you can make your income as large as you want and fill the map with Robo Monkeys and Technological terrors until there is no space to place anything. Have fun!
    • Notes: Weaknesses are any camo that the mage/engineers foam cant handle. Your mage will not have the fire uprage by lvl 12, so a really long, fast wave of camo pinks may kill you if you dont use an energy, if this happens consistently, upgrade your mage to fire before bloon trap, but then bloon trap asap after this. Only other weaknesses are level 13 rainbow rush and a level 18 moab rush. If your opponent decides to be an annoyance and sends a rainbow regrow rush or blue moab, you super will not be upgraded/built and you may/will have a hard time. Use energy when it gets in range of your super and flamemage. If he or she constantly moab rushes, then upgrade your super monkey before your second bloon trap. In most cases, your chances of surviving a rainbow regrow rush in this strategy is low.

6. Assault Strategy (Tack Shooter, Monkey Apprentice, Heli Pilot, Optional)

7. Round 13 win ( monkey apprentice, engineer, banana farm)

 Start with an engineer and get it to 2/1
   Save for banana farm (should get it by beginning to middle of round 4)
   Get it to 2/0
 Get a monkey apprentice by round 7 and get it to 2/2
 Save until round thirteen 
 Make sure you have 3800 cash at least

Regen rainbow ballons for the win If he survives which hardly happens you can do three things

 1. Go long term and get another banana farm or get first one to 3/0
 2. Get another monkey apprentice to 2/0 and blimp him to death
 3. If you know he will survive that  you can get engineer to 4/1 and then live off monkey engineers

Start with a tack shooter, at 18 seconds you can get a tack sprayer.

Send income to get 500 or so, and get a 0/1 mage if you start getting overwhelmed.

Shortly after, get your mage to lightning and (perhaps after more income boosts) get your 3/0 tack up to 4/0.

Return to increasing your Income. 

By round 15, you should have approx. 1000 income (use pinks or blacks for best results).

At that point, buy a Heli Pilot and try to get it to 3/2, on Lock in place near the start, then get 16000-ish money (more eco on the way if you feel safe enough) sell your Wizard and get Apache Dartship, put on Pursuit.

NOTE: if you don't have a 3/1-at-least pilot on round 18 then buy a few more tack shooters, up to 0-2/3. At 22, if you have not sucsessfully killed your opponent, buy more Dartships.

7. Noob Banana money strategy (only works on places that hold 3+ farms) (Banana Farm, Apprentice, Super Monkey, Optional)

Place a Mage and upgrade it to 2/0 

Collect $1000 to buy a farm and make it 1/0

Make your Mage 2/1

Upgrade your banana farm to 2/0

Save for another 2/0 Mage then make your old one 2/2

Collect money for new farm 2/1

Make your new Mage 2/2

Make another banana farm 2/0 then another third one 2/0

If you made it in time, you can make another banana farm 2/0, otherwise collect 3500 and make a super monkey.

Collect 2500 by income and bananas then make your supermonkey shoot lasers (2/0) then collect 4000

Sell the left banana farms and make 2/3

You'rs almost unbeaten, try to send strong bloons or keep making money and even make your lineup stronger 


8. Offence and Defense (Monkey Engineer,Wizard,Sub or Heli Pilot) Does not work well in place many ice burg

Wait your money to get $900

Put sub first 1/1

Upgrade sub 2/2

Put Wizard

If reached Level 4 or 8, send Pink Bloons or Yellow Bloons and being so aggressive.

Upgrade Wizard 1/2

Put Engineer

Upgrade 2/0

Upgrade the wizard 2/2

Upgrade sub 2/3

Wait for Dragons Breath or put engineer for sentries or Wizards for camos

Send Bloons

Be aggressive too much

When reach 360+ income charge send MOAB

When you lose 60 income charge, send Yellow Bloon

Add more sentries and Wizards

When Reach 500 income charge, give a BFB

and the rest if not effective keep make your income charge into 3000 and buy ZOMG

8. Income strategy (Monkey Apprentice T3, Monkey Engineer T4, Monkey Sub T3, Optional)

  1. Place a Sub and upgrade it 2/2.
  2. ​Spam bloons until you reach about 400 income.
  3. If your Sub can't cope during that time, place an Engineer and upgrade it 2/0.
  4. Place an Apprentice and upgrade it 2/3.
  5. If you want to, you can upgrade Ballistic Missile on your Sub.
  6. Place an Engineer and upgrade it 4/2. (If you followed step 3 then upgrade your existing Engineer)
  7. Place an Apprentice near the end of the track and upgrade it 3/2.
  8. You can now play offensive or defensive, it's your choice. 

9. COBRAs (COBRA unlocked, Assault Mode only)Edit

  1. Start out with any defense that works. Send income bloons occasionally.
  2. Once you have a sufficient defense, start massing 1/2 COBRAs. They will drastically add to your income for extra defense AND steal lives. Try to kill your opponent by Round 18.
  3. If your opponent survives Round 18~20ish, you have several choices. You should make it as early as possible as things can get too late:
  • Choice 1: Keep spamming 1/2 COBRAs. Only do this if your defenses are sufficient and if your opponent has lost many lives, as sooner or later your opponent may try something like Regrow BFBs.
  • Choice 2: Quit COBRA spam and get a normal defense. Hod out till you win.
  • Choice 3: Get one of your COBRAs 1/4. This should prevent your opponent from sending BFBs and under and stall the game for a bit. If your opponent is (let's be honest) stupid enough to send in a Regrow BFB at your defenses, you just won. In that case activate Misdirection immediately and wait for it to leak. If your opponent does not, use it on Round 30 and let your opponent deal with two BFBs instead of one.
  • Choice 4: If all else fails and your opponent sends a ZOMG or you reach Round 43 (equivalent to 86 in BTD5) and you don't have proper defenses, try to stall it down as much as possible with SSLs and whatnot so your COBRAs get to win (ZOMGs are slow enough). If even that fails, go nuts and try FSC or surrender.

10. COBRA Dart Strike (Dart Monkey, COBRA, Banana Farm) (best used on land tracks) 

  • Get a 0,1 dart monkey and ASAP get a banana farm 0,0
  • As soon as you have the cash, get your dart monkey to 0,3, then your farm to 2,0, getting more dart monkeys if things leak
  • Get some 3,0 dart monkeys and another farm, being prepared to get 2 juggernauts for fending off a rainbow rush
  • While getting the juggernauts and farms (up to personal choice when during this) start getting COBRAs, making the first 2,2, and then continue to spam 0,2 COBRAs, keeping your defence strong
  • When you have the cash, get the best placed COBRA to x,4, as misdirection essentially covers you for MOAB protection, sending anything up to a BFB away from you at your opponent
  • Just keep going with the COBRAs, keeping your defence strong with juggernauts and 2,3 darts; your opponent will slowly have their life drained while you sit back and laugh ;)
  • Note: Be prepared for a yellow spam earlier on (around round 8). It is best to try and get 2 3,0 darts for this stage, since the COBRA and 0,3 dart are both weak at dealing with larger groups of bloons in one go

Playing the "Aggressor" - A Guide to Bloon-SpamEdit

What is the "Aggressor"?

  • The Aggressor is a player who aims to eliminate the opponent as soon as possible, and have them be crippled by sending as many bloons as possible in order to try and get more bloons to leak and increase profit. Because of this, the Aggressor often sends out the bottom row of bloons to send, like spaced blues, pinks, blacks, etc., to gradually wear down a bad defense.
    • Or, if the Aggressor knows the opponent's four towers or knows the opponent's weakness later on, he/she will stockpile income quickly by sending out the top row of bloons to send, like grouped reds, blues, greens, yellows, etc., then stop sending bloons suddenly. This allows the Aggressor to build up a very large amount of income and money in such a short amount of time. After getting an adequate defense, the Aggressor will send out a giant all-out attack, which will usually knock off all of the opponent's 150 lives.
      • But if the Aggressor is not sending bloons, he/she will go Banana Farms. Throughout the game, the Aggressor will keep getting a defense that's just strong enough to withstand the bloons that are being send, by computer or by player. While the Aggressor is doing this, he/she will also upgrade their Banana Farms, and maybe send out the bottom row of bloons to send to overpower the opponent's defense if it's not strong enough. At rounds when the disired bloon sends become available (Often infamous bloon rushes on rounds 8, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, etc.) the Aggressor will sell his/hers Banana Farms, wether it be one or two of them or all of them. Then the Aggressor will send out a giant rush of all the infamous rushes we know now. (See a later section)

The Basics of playing the AggressorEdit

  • Starting out as the aggressor requires a tower which can take down compacted groups of bloons in a short amount of time, or a fast tower. A Boomerang Monkey of 3/2 or 2/3 is appropriate and both can be used for further effect. An x/2 Monkey Villiage is the most obvious way in order for the boomerangs to detect Camo-Leads, which will be covered in a further section, or any tower which can penetrate leads and detect camo bloons to do the same job, such as Cannon Ships or Flash Bomb Ninjas. As soon as bloons are available (Round 2), begin sending them, bottom row or top row depending on your playstyle, as this is an important part of being an aggressor. As the rounds progress, you unlock more bloons, which you should send those which increase your income even more. This will be vital in order to increase your income to a disired amount.

Compounding your IncomeEdit

  • Compounding Income is a cycle which makes the Aggressor effective. You may notice that as you send more bloons, there is an "Income-Change" which is listed alongside the Bloon-Details. You will get the amount of money you have in your "Income Box" every 6 seconds. Once you send a bloon, your income will change accordingly. By sending bloons, this allows you to be able to get more money from your income, and allows you to send bloons, which allows you to have even more of an income increase, and thus the cycle continues. By Round 20, because of the cycle your original income may have quadrupled.
  • I made a chart
    Bloons cost chart (fixed)
    showing the bloon cost, income change, and break even time (iOS version). The break even time for most bloons is 2m 30s, so don't worry about more economy if you are getting ready to send a rush intended to kill. Formula for break even time: (cost*6)/income change/60. Dire Storm (talk) 18:17, March 31, 2014 (UTC)

PRoDs, BRoDs, RYoDs, CLoDs, RRoDs, CoDs, etc.: Your Best Friends and Worst EnemiesEdit

If your opponent has a defence capable of holding off these bloons easily, it is best not to waste money on them. As with every opponent, they will learn from their mistakes if they do get defeated by one of these rushes and improve over time.

  • Round 2: GRoD (Grouped Reds of Doom): Sending masses of Grouped Reds will cause towers with low popping power to simply slide past. They will be able to slip through anything from a Dart Monkey to a 2/2 Ninja Monkey as well as earning extra income change for you. Also, this will force your opponents to use money and invest on things like explosives. They are especially more damaging when sent in with other bloons as the cover of reds will shield the other bloons within.
  • Round 4: PRoD (Pink Rush of Doom): At the start of the game, abusing Pink Bloons can be devastating if your opponent has a bad defense, especially on short tracks like Hydro Dam and maybe Cards. Though if your opponent can hold off the pinks, try to mix the grouped blue bloons with the spaced pinks. A 3/0 Tack Shooter or a 2/1 Ninja Monkey will usually have the pinks just fly right through the entire track unscathed due to the limited popping power being wasted on all the blue bloons.
  • Round 6: BRoD (Black Rush of Doom): This rush involves spaced Black Bloons at the first opportunity. Depending on the track, blacks will either be a total devastation (Hydro Dam) or a circumstantial bloon at best. (Bloontonium Mine, Rally, etc.) Bomb Towers are a popular tower, and these black bloons will easily overrun them if they are alone with no other towers.. Like the PRoD, you can mix the blue bloons with the blacks to inflict massive damage if your opponent has the above mentioned towers, not greens as blacks move at the same speed as greens.
    • Don't do so if the opponent has a tower with lots of popping power combined with black popping power, such as a 3/0 Tack Shooter and a 3/0 Bomb Tower, or a 3/0 Bomb Tower and a correctly positioned x/2 Mortar Tower. These can also gradually damage badly-placed 2/3 boomerangs.
  • Round 8: RYoDs (Regrow Yellows of Doom), RBoDs (Regrow Blacks of Doom), and RWoDs (Regrow Whites of Doom) are available on this round. As you can tell, this is the first round with real rushes as now regrow bloons are unlocked and grouped yellows as well as spaced white bloons.
    • RYoDs are sent to quickly run through towers with low popping power. A 2/3 Boomerang Thrower by itself, regardless of placement, will get overrun by these. A single 2/2 Monkey Apprentice or a single 3/2 Ninja Monkey will also get overrun. A 3/0 Tack Shooter will also get overrun, though do be wary as some opponents upgrade the Tack Shooter to the Ring of Fire, which will pretty much decimate the rush as well as some later bloon rushes.
    • RBoDs are sent to overrun towers that are bunched up together. If your opponent has all of their towers on the upper half of the Temple Map, or if they have all of their towers at where the enterance and exit are on the Yin-Yang Map, these Regrow Blacks will soon regrow, and if your opponent has a weak defense, leak and cause great damage. Though don't do this if said towers are too powerful.
      • If your opponent has a black-popping tower, but the tower that pops grouped bloons (One 3/0 Bomb Tower, one 2/3 Boomerang, etc.) is too far away from the black-popping tower, then the blacks will regrow in between, putting more strain on the tower that pops grouped bloons.
      • A single 3/0 Boomerang Thrower will also get overrun by the regrow blacks, and to increase the potency of the attack, space them out (Send one group, send another group 2.5 seconds later, send one more 2.5 seconds later, and so on.).
      • Much like Rounds 4 and 6, you can mix the regrow blacks with regrow yellows, causing massive damage to your opponent if their defense is not sufficient.
      • A common killer is sending out a few groups of regrow blacks, then sending out many grouped yellows. What will happen is that the yellows will overlap the blacks, causing low-popping power towers to not be able to pop all the blacks, and if said tower is the only black-popping tower, then some of the regrow blacks, which may or may not have regrown, will go through the entire track unscathed.
    • Regrow Whites are very similar to Regrow Blacks: They are send to overrun a defense that has towers bunched up together. Except that Regrow Whites can be sent out four at a time unlike the regrow black's three, the White Bloons have a lower "cost per bloon", White Bloons are slightly faster than Black Bloons, and obviously they are immune to freezing, but vulnerable to explosions.
      • See everything the Regrow Blacks can overrun. The Regrow Whites and regrow Blacks are so alike the same towers mentioned above will get overrun. Except that Bomb Towers can already pop white bloons, so the 3/0 Tack Shooter and 3/0 Bomb Tower combination will not get overrun by the Regrow Whites.
  • Round 10: RPoDs (Regrow Pinks of Doom) and RLoDs (Regrow Leads of Doom). Regrow (Grouped) Pinks are just like Regrow Yellows, except that they are unlocked later, faster than yellows, and can overrun more towers, such as a single 2/1 Dartling Gun. Although usually Regrow Yellows get the job done just fine, a player can resort to the RPoD if they do not have enough money at the time Regrow Yellows are unlocked (Round 8).
    • Regrow Leads can overrun similar towers that can be overrun by Regrow Blacks (See above), except that Bomb Towers are at a lot more risk. Sharp objects can't pop the lead layer, and the Bomb Tower can't pop the black layer. Therefore, if the opponent has a Bomb Tower near the enterance where you send bloons and black-popping power in the very back, the Regrow Leads can easily overwhelm the opponent's defense. Remember that you can also send out regular lead bloons if your opponent does not have enough lead popping power, like a 0/0 Bomb Tower that could whiff.
  • Round 12: CLoDs (Camo-Leads of Doom) and RCoDs (Regrow Camos of Doom): Round 12 is a devastating round among players much like Round 8. You and your opponent will need to have full camo detection to survive these rushes that are unlocked on this round.
    • Camo-Leads are particularly devastating bloons which are available for you to send at this round. They are one of the hardest bloons to take down due to the relatively few towers that can pop both camo and lead bloons by themselves, and can be either a major threat to your enemy, or yourself if the enemy retaliates. Newer players are susceptible to falling victim to the Camo-Leads due to a lack of Camo-Detecting towers which can pop leads, and will lose quite slowly due to the lead bloon's slow speed. Each Camo Lead when leaked not popped at will will drop 23 lives off either side.
    • Regrow-Camos are also particuarly devastating, though they are less popular. You should send out these types of bloons for an all-out attack: Regrow-Camo Spaced Rainbows, Regrow-Camo Spaced Zebras, Regrow-Camo Grouped Blacks and Regrow-Camo Grouped Whites. Any of these bloons will overrun the opponent if they have bad camo detection. One 2/2 Monkey Apprentice or a 4/x Dart Monkey is not enough to fend off these rushes by themselves, and either of these towers will easily get overwhelmed due to the Regrow-Camos constantly regrowing. Although don't send these out if you opponent has a 0/2 Monkey Village or 2/3 Mortar Tower, and instead send out regular, non-camo regrows.
    • These may not be mentioned, but sending out lots of camo grouped greens, yellows, and pinks (Not regrow) can slide past certain towers. For example, a 2/2 or a 2/3 / 1/3 Sniper Monkey can't keep up with the constant stream of camo bloons by themselves. A Spike Factory, from any upgrade from 0/0 to 3/3, also can't keep up with the lots and lots of grouped camo bloons, espcecially when all the bloons are "layered". A low-upgraded Ninja Monkey (2/2 or less) can't do much at all to defend all the grouped camo pinks by himself, and lastly, a 2/3 Mortar Tower that's not well-placed will not be able to de-camoize all the camo pinks.
      • "Layering" bloons is defined as sending out slower bloons first (In above example, grouped camo greens/yellows), then sending out faster bloons (In above ex., grouped camo yellows/pinks). Because the faster bloons will catch up to the slower bloons, all of the bloons will stacked on top of each other, which makes a great killer for towers that can't handle grouped bloons well.
  • Round 13: RRoD (Rainbow Rush of Doom): At the infamous Round 13, you may want to send out as many grouped regrow rainbows to either obliterate your opponent or waste a lot of money due to the opponent's strong defense.
    • If your opponent is lagging very badly, even if they have a Sun God, Robo Monkey, or another very strong tower (Which they normally shouldn't have by round 13), it may not keep up with a constant spammage of these bloons due to the massive lag.
    • Obviously, if the opponent has a supercomputer or doesn't lag, the tower will pop the bloons just fine. Whole rainbows take 47 lives away. A cheaper alternative is to use the less effective regrow zebras, although much, much more regrow zebras can be sent out due to their low, $300 dollar cost, compared to Regrow (grouped) Rainbows' hefty $675 apiece. Some people may even send in a bunch of camo-regrow rainbows to opponents who have towers who can detect camo so badly that they will keep regrowing.
    • If your opponent have 2 2/2 monkey apprentice only or with some other low popping power towers, send 4 groups of regen rainbows at a cost of $ 2700 will overrun them.
  • Round 15: CoDs (Ceramic [Bloon] of Doom): If your opponent didn't die after all of the above mentioned rushes, regrow ceramics may get the job done. If your opponent has slow-shooting towers, such as 3/x Bomb Towers or 3/x Boomerang Throwers, then the ceramics will either continue to the end with it's shell still intact (and drop 104 lives off your opponent each), or the ceramic's children will keep regrowing from the slow-shooting towers and most likely kill the opponent. Camo ceramics (Or camo regen ceramics) are also quite deadly if your opponent has bad camo detection, such as a single 2/2 Monkey Apprentice or a single 2/3 Monkey Buccaneer.
  • On rounds 18 and after, MOAB-Class bloons can be game-enders, although also Fast-Cooldown (FC) Ceramics.
    • FC Ceramics, when sent out in a ~$8,000 rush, can easily catch an opponent off guard, especially when they are preparing for MOABs. One, maybe two 2/3 Boomerangs with Two 3/0 or 3/2 Boomerangs can get overrun by these.
    • Specifically an early MOAB sent out right at the beginning of Round 18 against an unprepared opponent without 2/3 Bomb Towers, Super Monkeys, etc. If a weak MOAB defense is present, check regrow to give the ceramic-popping towers a harder time.
    • Round 20 unlocks the deadly BFB. This is what usually kills most opponents, specifically those who spend a lot of money to try to get two MOAB Maulers up by Round 18. A regrow BFB is even harder to defend, considering all the ceramics inside. Any sort of weak MOAB defense, one that can barely hold off one MOAB, will get easily overrun. Any setup without x/4 Bomb Towers, 3/x or x/3 or higher Super Monkeys, x/4 Monkey Aces, x/3+ Spike Factories, etc. will have a very hard time combating this.
    • Say your opponent has an anti-MOAB defense, such as MOAB mauler spam (About five or more). While a BFB costs less than four MOABs, it moves fairly slowly, and it gives your opponent much more time to react, save up money, micro-manage stuff such as selling-and-rebuying abilities, etc. To unleash a much more surprising and quick attack, consider sending Fast-Cooldown MOABs, which are also unlocked at round 20, in a group of at least five. If your opponent does happen to have five or more MOAB Maulers, then that means that most likely, there will be miniscule "bloon-popping" towers, like 2/3 Boomers and 3/x Bomb towers. The MOABs get popped and the ceramics will rush through, giving your opponent much less time to set up an x/4 Ace or an x/4 Tack Shooter. Though don't send these out if there is many bloon-popping towers on the opponent's side, as the ceramics will easily get popped.
    • Keep in mind that MOAB-Class Bloons will practically stop you from earning money as sending them all drain income (unless you use farms to gain income, which in that case 0 income change doesn't matter) and the B.F.B and the Z.O.M.G. are slow compared to M.O.A.Bs, giving the opponent an ample amount of time to set up a last-minte defense, such as a Ground Zero or an arsenal of MOAB Assassins. M.O.A.Bs are the weakest (and cheapest) MOAB-Class bloon though, so at the very least make the M.O.A.B. a regrow M.O.A.B. Regrow BFBs and ZOMGs are also quite deadly due to the mass amounts of regrow ceramics that come out of them.

Defending yourself against the Aggressor:Edit

Don't be Intimidated:

  • If the opponent sends out as many red or blue bloons that can be sent, or buys a particular tower in mass quantities, look at the opponents defense as a whole and concentrate on how to beat the opponent (Camo, Lead, Regrow Camo, MOABs, etc.). Also, if the opponent has the bloon decals, keep in mind that it does not affect the bloons he/she sends by any means besides a decoration.
  • You can also use the Ice Tower to stall the "natural" bloons that automatically come out each round, thus elongating the rounds and getting more income per round (This does not work anymore as the new updates fixes this).  This allows you to have a very developed field by the time each round starts.  In addition, this counters the banana farms the agressor might use because each farm generates money based on the round, not its legnth, thus, benefitting income change and hindering farms.
    • You can also put all your towers at the very front of the track when you have Banana Farms. What happens is that because your towers are popping the bloons so quickly, the rounds go by quicker, since the game only proceeds to the next rounds when all the "natural" bloons on one player's side are popped. When the rounds are going by so fast, your farms make bananas faster, since farms generate a set amount of money during each round. Thus, when you pop all your bloons quickly, you are helping your farms. This is known as "antistalling"
      • Adversely, this "antistalling" tactic hurts players who rely on income change for money. Recall that income change gives you money after six seconds. Also remember that rounds can be sped up by antistalling. For instance, say that in a regular game, it is round 10 after four minutes. However, when up against an "antistaller" on the same track, the game may shift to round 10 after only three and a half minutes, or even three! This means that when you antistall, your opponent, assuming he/she has no farms, gets less money from his/her income in the same amount of rounds. 

PRoDs, WRoDs, CLoDs, RRoDs, CoDs and MoDs: Defend YourselfEdit

  • GRoD: There is a simple solution against reds: explosives. They will be able to take out grouped reds (and also anything underneath). Also, a 1/x Apprentice, 2/x Ice Tower, or 3/x or 2/3 Dart Monkey will suffice due to high popping power.
  • PRoD: Pinks are very easy to defend against: Fast towers are recommended. Be careful when choosing, as only four towers are allowed and each tower counts. Boomerang Monkeys are particularly popular, more specifically Bionic Boomer and Glaive Riccochet. Also the 3-2 ninja can be good aswell because of how it seeks the pinks and damages them bringing them down to a slower bloon that can be cleaned up by something else such as a ice tower or cluster bomb.
  • WRoDs: Regrow whites can look quite daunting, but all that is needed is a better defense. Lots of upgraded Dart Monkeys and maybe a powerful Bomb Tower can dispatch these. Once again, Boomerang Monkeys are used quite often to fend off these rushes, such as another Bionic Boomer/Glaive Riccochet.
  • CLoDs: These are harder to defend against. The most effective against this strategy is sufficient Camo detection, such as a 0/2 Village. A 1/2 Sniper Monkey is the Cheapest option to pop Camo Leads, and can be and is used by new and old users. The 1/2 Sniper will need extra towers to pop the Camo Lead's children however. Also, towers like 2/3 Ninjas and 2/2 Monkey Apprintices are fair, but the opponent can also mass a bunch of camo-pinks or camo-regrow rainbows to overrun them. The 2/3 mortar provides some camo detection, but it won't de-camoize all the bloons, and a (grouped) camo-pink rush will have many camo-pinks slide pass the mortar. An x/3 Bucaneer will also do well.
  • RRoD: 2-3 Glaive Riccochets or and a Bionic Boomer might just be able to beat a rainbow rush. Blade Maelstroms, 4/2 Bomb Towers and 3/x Ice Towers work just as well. 
  • CoDs: Juggernauts are good for lower level players as it deals extra damage to the Ceramic Bloon. If not, any tower that attacks fast will easily pop the ceramics. 4/2 Bomb Towers combined with a couple Boomerangs will also work. As for camo ceramics, a 2/3 mortar will not get every single camo ceramic de-camoized, but getting an additional 2/3 Mortar will fix that, or a 0/2 Village.
  • MoDs: Do whatever you'd do to defeat this in BTD5, for example MOAB maulers. Remember that MOAB-Class Bloons are unlocked quite quickly, one after another, so if you have enough income, consider some Technological Terrors or Ground Zeros, selling and quickly rebuying, using the ability each time.

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