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BTD4 Track Editor is where fans of BTD4 have gathered together to create and share their own BTD4 tracks. The Track Editor costs 3600 MochiCoins to use but you can still play the tracks for free. It still includes the Dartling Gun and Spike Factory despite still having the old unupdated version of BTD4. After October 15 2012, the Bloons TD4 Editor became free including making tracks.


  • There are 4 track sets and you create a track by placing the entance(s) and exit(s) at the edges and join it/them together with other track pieces.
  • You can select bloon densities:
    • Low means overall the bloons are lower in rank,
    • Normal means the bloons come out as they would in Bloons Tower Defense 4 and its expansion,
    • High means the bloons are higher in rank.


Unlimited Money GlitchEdit

First go on a track, of course. Then buy a Dart Monkey then upgrade it to Spike-O-Pult. And then when you sell it, you sell it for $875 cash rather than the normal 496 cash, making a profit of $155 each time the spike-o-pult is sold. You can repeat doing this until you have enough for a Sun God, though that will take a long time.


  • It does not have the theme music.
  • The Banana Republic upgrade has 4 banana farm huts.
  • The player does not need to unlock anything at all.
  • After MochiCoins system in BTD4 and SAS3 was converted to Ninjakiwi the BTD4 Track Editor is free (you must have logged in to an Ninjakiwi account to do this, though).
    • However, on early-mid 2014 it doesn't work anymore. It now gives the error that the player is not logged in even if he/she is logged in. It will tell the player to refresh but it will do nothing.
  • If the player sees Blue Bloons coming out on round 1, it's because the person who created the track made the bloon density high.
  • There isn't the Glue Splatter sounds.
  • If a sharp object hits a Lead Bloon, it won't make it's noise.
  • The Lightsabre Thrower sounds don't sound.


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