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Bloons TD5 has heaps of new features including all of your favorite towers from BTD4 with 8 awesome upgrades each instead of 4, and two brand new never before seen tower types. So much awesomeness: tower upgrades with cool Super Activated Abilities, new Bloon types, fun new tracks with moving parts and tunnels, powerful Special Agent towers, daily rewards, and daily challenges-a fun new challenge to play each and every day! Updates are coming all the time, and your progress is tracked for ranks, upgrades, and achievements when you log in our new NK login system. Have fun!
~ Official new description
BTD5 Is one of the most prized games in the UK, with its wonderful strategy and thinking obstacles, BTD5 is not a miss. The creator of the whole trilogy of Bloons Tower Defence is a truly artistic and creative person, so please give a cheer for the person who invented it. Thank you. Try all the Bloons Tower Defences and go through a mind boggling series. Thank you for taking your time to read this.
~ GameRate
Bloons Tower Defense 5
Btd5 logo
Bloons Tower Defense 5 Logo
Platforms Computer, iPad, iPhone, Android
Release Date December 15, 2011 (December 13 for early Ninja Kiwi accounts)
Last Updated December 15, 2014
Price Free
Developer Kaiparasoft (Ninja Kiwi)
Publisher Ninja Kiwi
Tracks 46 (including Co-op)
Bloon Types 14 (+ Camo & Regrowth categories)
Towers 17 (+ 2 Road Items & 9 Special Agents)

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is Ninja Kiwi's Bloons Tower Defense game that was officially released December 16, 2011 (December 13 for Ninja Kiwi accounts). According to Ninja Kiwi, the reason they released Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion was to tide the overwhelming demand for a new Bloons Tower Defense game, with BTD5 being so far from release at the time. This game is filled with new features such as:

News and UpdatesEdit

News and Updates
Bloons TD 5 Official trailer01:31

Bloons TD 5 Official trailer

BTD5 Official Trailer

Bloons TD 5 - First 20 Levels06:02

Bloons TD 5 - First 20 Levels

BTD5 First 20 Levels video released prior to game's release

BTD 5 Gallery Screenshot 1

The first main menu screen.


The main menu screen during Halloween.


The title screen during Christmas.


The main menu screen during Christmas.




Cost Hotkey
Dart Monkey Shoots a single dart that pops a single bloon.
A good, cheap tower suitable good for early rounds and a little above.
$170/$200/$215 Q
Tack Shooter Shoots 8 tacks spread in all directions, each tack can pop 1 bloon.
Has short range and medium-slow fire rate.
$305/$360/$390 W
Sniper Monkey Armed with a high-tech long range rifle,
pops 2 layers of bloons with unlimited range.
$300/$350/$430 E
Boomerang Thrower Throws a single boomerang in a single arc back round
to the monkey. Each boomerang can pop 3 bloons.
$325/$380/$430 R
Ninja Monkey Stealthy tower that can see Camo Bloons
and throw sharp shurikens rapidly.
$425/$500/$650 T
Bomb Tower Shoots a single bomb that explodes in a radius burst on impact.
Good range, medium-slow fire rate.
Can pop lead bloons but not black bloons.
$555/$650/$700 Y
Ice Tower Freezes bloons in its burst radius for a short time.
Frozen bloons are immune to sharp objects.
$255/$300/$410 A
Glue Gunner Shoots a glob of monkey glue at a single bloon.
Glued bloons move more slowly than normal.
$230/$270/$325 S
Monkey Buccaneer Monkey Buccaneers can only be placed in water.
Shoots a single, heavy dart that can pop up to 5 bloons each.
$425/$500/$650 D
Monkey Ace Patrols the skies above the action, regularly strafing
the area with powerful darts in 8 directions.
$765/$900/$1025 F
Super Monkey Throws darts incredibily fast. Has long range
and lots of insanely powerful upgrades. Immense Penetrating Power
$2975/$3500/$3780 G
Monkey Apprentice Trained in the arts of monkey magic, the Monkey Apprentice
weaves magical bolts of power that pop bloons. Each shot
can pop 2 bloons. Can upgrade to cast additional spells.
$470/$550/$595 H
Monkey Village Monkey Village does not attack, but instead lowers the
cost of all towers and upgrades in radius by 10%. Has many useful
upgrades that help nearby towers.
$1360/$1600/$1730 C
Banana Farm Banana Farms grow bananas that you can collect to turn into
cash. When you farm produces some bananas, collect them by moving
your mouse over them. Don't leave them too long however, or they will spoil!
$850/$1000/$1080 V
Mortar Tower Targets a specific bit of ground anywhere on the screen. Launches explosive mortar shells to that spot. Useful for placing far away from
the track to make room for other towers.
$640/$750/$865 B
Dartling Gun Shoots darts like a machine gun, super fast but not very accurate.
The Dartling Gun shoots towards wherever your mouse it, so you
control how effective it is!
$810/$950/$1025 N
Spike Factory Generates piles of road spikes on bits of nearby track. Each pile can pop 5 bloons, and unused spikes disappear at the end of each round. $640/$750/$755 M

Special AgentsEdit

Special Agents
  • Portable Lake - "Nowhere to float your boat? Smart Monkeys know they can place a Portable Lake on land, allowing any water unit to be deployed within its waters." Cost: Monkey Dollar40.
  • Pontoon - "Place almost any land tower on water with the Pontoon! Deploy the Pontoon on water, then place your land tower on top." Cost: Monkey Dollar40.
  • Tribal Turtle - "Tribal Turtle can live on land or water. Throws spears and coconuts, coconuts do extra damage to ceramic bloons, and can pop lead or frozen bloons." Cost: Monkey Dollar85.
  • Bloonsday Device - "The apex of monkey tech, the otherworldly Bloonsday Device gives you temporary control of their orbital strike satellite, whose beam destroys all bloons and does big damage to MOAB - class bloons." Cost: Monkey Dollar250.
  • Meerkat Spy - "Meerkat Spy has no attack, but instead uses his super keen senses to spot Camo Bloons, granting Camo Detection to all towers within his radius." Cost: Monkey Dollar60.
  • Beekeeper - "This special agent has a hive of angry bees that zip to their
    Beekeeper Note

    A note from Ninja Kiwi about the Beekeeper

    targets and sting bloons until all layers are popped. Stingers can't get through lead or ice but regrower bloons beware." Cost: Monkey Dollar120.
  • Super Monkey Storm - "It's a bird, it's a plane. it's a squadron of flying super powered laser-beamin' monkeys who destroy every bloon on the screen and do big damage to MOAB class bloons. Cost: Monkey Dollar50.
  • Angry Squirrel - "Armed with sharp acorns, this special agent goes berserk when bloons leak. For a few seconds, he attacks super fast, can spot camo, and pop lead." Cost: Monkey Dollar60.
  • Bloonberry Bush - "Place this fast-growing bloon killer right on the track. Loses a thorn for each bloon popped, but grows 5 thorns between rounds, up to 200. You protect it, it'll protect you." Cost: Monkey Dollar50.


There are 36 tracks all in all.
  • Most of the BTD5 Tracks
  • Monkey Lane
  • Park Path
  • The Rink
  • Space Truckin'
  • Brick Wall
  • Z Factor
  • Fireworks
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Maze
  • North Pole
  • 3 Times Around
  • Alpine Lake
  • Skull Peak
  • Snake River
  • Bloon Circles
  • Archipelago
  • Dockside
  • Slalom
  • Jungle
  • Country Road
  • Ice Flow
  • Lava Fields
  • Haunted Swamp
  • Mount Magma
  • Switch
  • Lightning Scar
  • Downstream
  • The Eye
  • The Great Divide
  • Scorched Earth
  • Rink Revenge
  • Cash Money
  • Clock
  • Castle
  • Death Valley
  • Drag Strip
  • Tunnels
  • Tree Tops
  • Runway
  • Spider Map
  • Bloontonium Lab
  • Main Street


Monkey LaneEdit

  • A long and grassy track. The first beginner track of all. This track has tunnels that bloons can go through. Towers cannot attack bloons but can attack MOABs when they're floating above the tunnels. There is no water on this track.

Park PathEdit

  • A clean, nice environmental, long and curvy track. There is water in the form of a stream in this track. Tack Shooters are good where the track has U-Turns. A nice area in the center of the track is good for a few Monkey Buccanners where they cover almost the whole track.

The RinkEdit

  • This track is based on an icy rink. The shape of the track is similar to a Mac's command key. There is water in this track as a hole in the ice which can fit up to 3 Monkey Buccaneers. Penguins can be seen sliding across the track. This is quite possibly the easiest track, since bloons come near the middle 4 times. It's best to put a good tower in the middle, such as a super monkey. This track was added February 2, 2012.

Space Truckin'Edit

  • A loopy track. Located in space. The 4 planets will loop until the end. You cannot place towers in the sun but only in the planets (The water on Earth is for Monkey Buccaneers). You can even put towers on the moon. This is good for Ice Towers,Tack Shooters and Sniper Monkeys because of the loopy parts. You can see some falling comets there. This track was added August 30, 2012.

Z FactorEdit

  • Z Factor is one of the beginner tracks added on December 13, 2012. A stony track with 2, gray paths. The form of bloons' path is wavy in a form of Z. This is the only beginner track in BTD Series that has 2 paths. This is good for ice towers and tack shooters at its centerpart of two paths. No water in this area.

Brick WallEdit

  • A land with flowery, grassy scenery. Brick Wall is one of the beginner tracks added on February 1, 2013. A shaped-like claw track. Best for Tack Shooters and Ice Towers. The bloons follow the brick wall back and forth to the exit, Hence the name. There is water in the form of two ponds separated each other that can buccaneers placed in it.


  • A place tooks in the forest, with barrels of fireworks and a celebration that might have scarred the grass into a shape of a firework explosion due to the rocket going haywire. No water. (Added August 28, 2013)

Pumpkin PatchEdit

  • Most of the track is covered with dirt. Scattered across the track are pumpkins, which won't block tower placement. The path is quite long and simple, perfect for Tack Shooters and Ice Towers especially on all the U-turns of the track. In the middle is a pond, on which you can place water towers. Added on October 24, 2013.


  • A garden, long maze track.Every third bloon passing an intersection will travel to a blocked path and return to the right path. This track is perfect for building Tack Shooters and Ice Towers. A single Monkey Buccaneer can be placed on the fountain that contains water. Added on October 24, 2013.

North PoleEdit

  • A snowy track and with a theme "Christmas." There are colorful glowing lights in the track. There are several house elves, with Santa's workshop above the track. The appearance of the path is similar to the track Slalom. There is water in the form of two ponds at the sides of the track where Monkey Buccaneers can be built. Added November 27, 2013.

3 Times AroundEdit

  • A grassy environment. The bloons will loop around a single circle three times, hence the name. There is water in the form of a straight river. Added December 19, 2013.

Alpine LakeEdit

  • A grassy place with two symmetrical lakes. There are two paths that loop around the lakes. This track was added on March 26, 2013 and it is exclusive to Co-op Mode.

Skull PeakEdit

  • A track that is featured on a mountainous terrain with high cliffs and a nest, along with a skull-shaped rock with a pond and bridges in front of the skull. It was released on June 20, 2014.

Express ShippingEdit

  • A track with boxes and bloons go around the boxes as it goes. Towers and agents can only be placed on the boxes. This track was added on December 15, 2014.


Snake RiverEdit

  • Located in a river. A curvy track in which bloons cross through two rivers which converge into one. There is a bit of water at the edge of the river. This track has opposite counterparts to the track Lightning Scar. This track was added in April 4, 2012.

Bloon CirclesEdit

  • A track in a wheat field that look like crop circles. The track splits in two and bloons go in a loop in some parts. A vehicle can be seen of bottom-left and a scarecrow on the top-right. No water in this track.


  • A track that is a group of islands. This is the 1st Intermediate with lots of water. This track is mostly water with a few islands and a shipwreck in the top corner. Good track for Monkey Buccaneers and Tribal Turtles.


  • Located at a dock. With boats and ships, you can place towers there. There is lots of water and the bloons come from the top right corner. This is the 2nd track which has a lots of water. They move around and exit at the bottom left corner. This track was added July 19, 2012.


  • Similarly to The Rink, this track is located in the cool icy areas. There are mountainous areas, roadmarks, rocks, trees and skies.Bloons move down from the top, performing 6 U-turns before exiting. A decent patch of water in the near the middle of the map. This track was added September 6, 2012.


  • It is a jungle track with many trees, plants, vines, cliffs, swings, and grasses, Hence the name. It is composed of two short jungle paths that turns once each path. Nevermind the short paths, just make a way on how to achieve this track. No water. Added on June 14 2013 and it can be played on Co-op mode.

Country RoadEdit

  • A countryside track. With 4 entrances and exits (one at a time), this may causes confusion as the bloons go up in the circle and go into the exit. Bloons loop around the circle only one time so be prepared. There is a water in the form of a pond in the bottom-left corner of your screen. (Added August 28, 2013). And it can be played on Co-op mode.

Ice FlowEdit

  • A track composed of ice floating and melting into pieces. You can build only two Banana Farms in this track. This track is surrounded by water, which a lot of Buccaneers can be placed there. Added December 19, 2013.

Lava FieldsEdit

  • A dark, volcanic terrain. A track composed of bubbling volcanic lavas which all towers can't be placed there. There are two paths crossing each other, then loop one of the circles. No water. Available on Co-op Mode. Added December 19, 2013.


  • A track where bloons go around or on top of pyramids. It is in a desert area. Added on December 15, 2014.

MOAB DesertEdit

  • A desert track that contains a wrecked MOAB in the center. There is water in the bottom of the track. The bloons simply go around the MOAB. This was probably an inspiration of White MOAB on Deluxe. Added March 4, 2015.

Haunted SwampEdit

  • A dark scene, with lots of U-turns. There are some trees at the corner of the track. There are two lakes which can have Monkey Buccaneers placed on. This track was added on March 26, 2013 and it is exclusive to Co-op Mode.


Mount MagmaEdit

  • A desolated track. A track based on a volcano (specifically, the setting for the final stage of Bloons 2). In original mode, Bloons spiral in the center and go out to 4 different paths. In reverse mode, You place your towers on the side of the volcano, but not in the lava. The places of towers divides into 4. No water here.


  • In a mechanical pipewall. A pipe like track that branches in two that is grey in color. In the center there is a cog that switches and rotates every 2 rounds, opening and closing paths. When both switched ups and downs, it is difficult to pop bloons because they are separated and further each from other. There is no water.

Lightning ScarEdit

  • Located at the barrens. Paths are straight. This track has opposite counterparts to the track Snake River. A flash track that resembles a lightning bolt. In original mode, Bloons come from the top and split into 2 paths on the bottom. In reverse mode, Bloons come from 2 paths at the bottom and splits out into 1 path. The path is looked-like an ash. There is no water. This track was added May 10, 2012.


  • Silent, fresh, grassy environment. A track in a riverlike form, composed of 3 small islands on the river, In original mode, The bloons appear in on the top, which has 2 entrances; and exits to the bottom, which has 4 exits; this means one path for the entrance is equals to 2 paths for the exit. There is water on the river, but it is colored moss-green. This track was added on November 8, 2012.

The EyeEdit

  • A track shaped like an eye. The eye seems to be made of colored stone tiles. There are 4 paths. They form in 1 U-turn each path. In the centerpart of the eye, the tower that is good to place on it is the ice tower with its upgrade (Arctic Wind, path 1). There is no water. This track was added on December 12, 2012.

The Great DivideEdit

  • Two separate, identical paths with a large crack/crevice in the middle, Hence, the name itself. This is considerably hard due to its paths. One entrance and one exit each path. There is no water. This track was added on May 1, 2013.

Scorched EarthEdit

  • A magic ring that is not completed, with some symbols around it where the six symbols at the top is glowing blue. The bloons take one of three ways into the middle, goes around the middle and exits out of one of the three exits. No water. Added on October 24, 2013 and it can be played on Co-op mode.

Rink RevengeEdit

  • The terrain is similar to The Rink, the easiest counterpart of it. There are two paths that the bloons turns once, then crossing each other. There are pool of waters at the top-right corner and at the bottom-left corner. Available on Co-op Mode. Added December 19, 2013.

Crypt KeeperEdit

  • This track takes place in a graveyard. The track starts on a stone path that branches into 2. The ends of the stone path teleport the bloons to one of ten spectral paths coming from gravestones and leading into two large graves. Added October 24, 2014.


  • Takes place on a place with candy and there are 2 candy canes where the bloons go. Milk in the middle is water. This track was added December 15, 2014.

Cash MoneyEdit

  • A track shaped like a dollar symbol ($). There are lots of coins everywhere. Towers can be placed even in the coins. There are two little lakes which can have Monkey Buccaneers placed on. This track was added on March 26, 2013 and it is exclusive to Co-op Mode.



  • A track on a clock. Depending on where the clock hands point, that is where the bloons go. The clock looks like Big Ben. No water on this track. (Unlocked at Rank 28)


  • A track that is on the top of a castle. In original, The bloons come out of two different paths, which they are farther each other, and meet at the end. In reverse, The bloons appear on top, and separates each other with 2 different paths. The water here is in the form of a moat. (Unlocked at Rank 34)

Death ValleyEdit

  • Located in the mountainous desert. This is a very hard track that the 2 paths can't meet. There are 2 paths: Above is the longer path; the other one below is the shorter path. In original, The bloons starts to appear from the left and exits to the right. There is no water. This track was added August 02, 2012. (Unlocked at Rank 40)

Drag StripEdit

  • Two separate parallel paths which take on the appearance of race track. The bloons move from right to left. At the beginning of each round, a cart on each track move across as an animation, with a Technological Terror on one and a Master of Fire on another. There is no water. The bloons followed the black paths in a zigzag way to avoid difficult as Main Street . This track was added August 17, 2012. (Unlocked at Rank 41)


  • The bloons go in the tunnel and passes next to it, hence, the name. The time of the bloons is considerably short, so be prepared. MOAB-class bloons can easily be damaged because it floats through the tunnels as it is visible for us to see. No water. Added August 28, 2013 (Unlocked at Rank 32).

Tree TopsEdit

  • The bloons go on 2 paths from the upper-right corner down to the lower-left corner of the map. The area to place towers on here is very limited as you only can place them on the X-shaped wooden path. No water. Added October 24, 2013. (Unlocked at Rank 43)


  • Located at the airport runway. Bloons travel on 2 paths that follow the corners of the runway, hence the name. There is an unknown building at the bottom-left corner. No water. Playable on Co-op Mode. Added December 19, 2013. (Unlocked at Rank 44)

Spider MapEdit

  • A track shaped like a spider. There four paths that connect at the center. There is no water here. This track was added on March 26, 2013 and it is exclusive to Co-op Mode.


Main StreetEdit

Located at the street itself. A track that is on an intersection of a street. The Bloons come from the top and right and go straight across. There is a little spot of water in the corner, which has duckies in it. As with Bloontonium Lab, there are no saves. It costs Monkey Dollar25 to play. This track was added May 10, 2012. (Unlocked at Rank 50.)


Bloontonium LabEdit

  • A track shaped like a radioactive symbol. The tracks are extremely short, making this track very difficult (possibly even the hardest within the entire BTD series). Also, you cannot save your round progress on this track; it costs Monkey Dollar50 to attempt the track. This track was added April 4, 2012. (Unlocked at Rank 60.)


Tar PitsEdit

  • This track has 5 short tracks where the bloons go. The area has water in the middle. This cost Monkey Dollar50 to play.


Economical tipsEdit

Main article: Bloononomics


  • The Mad Snowman makes a cameo appearance on the Christmas-themed main menu.
  • A certain rank is required to unlock expert and extreme tracks.
  • Pressing a certain key (a hotkey) allows you to place a tower without moving your mouse to select it.
  • Since the new Tribal Turtle Special Agent was added, the music has gotten faster-paced and new pictures appear for each specific upgrade.
  • The sounds heard for upgrading towers and popping bloons are sounds from Bloons 2.
  • Unlike the Bloons TD 4 series, the player needs to collect the bananas from the Banana Farms.
  • A green floppy disk symbol (Disk-green) in the upper-right corner means that your game can be saved.
  • The Track Difficulty means how challenging the track is to beat, while the three difficulty modes for each track (Easy, Medium, and Hard) only change the price of everything, how many rounds the player has to pass, how many lives the player has, and how fast the bloons move.
  • This game has the 3rd online animation style in Bloons series, the first is the animation used in Bloons and in the first 5 BTD games, and the second is the animation used in Bloons 2 and Bloons Blast.
  • This is the first Bloons TD game that you can build towers on a section of the bloons path.
  • The Extreme Difficulty has no save feature, Sandbox, Apopalypse, Deflation, or Fast-Track mode.
  • The former round limit was 500, however that limit was removed after people started reaching that far.
  • A new BTD5 was added to the Mac App Store, which includes every tower including the ones in the mobile version.
  • A single Super monkey fan club dart monkey will only turn the same 10 Dart monkeys into super monkeys every time it is used.

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