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Bloons TD5 has heaps of new features including all of your favorite towers from BTD4 with 8 awesome upgrades each instead of 4, and two brand new never before seen tower types. So much awesomeness: tower upgrades with cool Super Activated Abilities, new Bloon types, fun new tracks with moving parts and tunnels, powerful Special Agent towers, daily rewards, and daily challenges-a fun new challenge to play each and every day! Updates are coming all the time, and your progress is tracked for ranks, upgrades, and achievements when you log in our new NK login system. Have fun!
~ Official new description
BTD5 Is one of the most prized games in the UK. with its wonderful strategy and thinking obstacles, BTD5 is not a miss. The creator of the whole triology of Bloons Tower Defence is a truly artistic and creative person, so please give a cheer for the person who invented it. Thank you. Try all the Bloons Tower Defences and go through a mind boggling series. Thank you for taking your time to read this.
~ GameRate
Bloons Tower Defense 5
Btd5 logo
Bloons Tower Defense 5 Logo
Platforms Computer, iPad, iPhone, Android
Release Date December 15, 2011 (December 13 for early Ninja Kiwi accounts)
Last Updated December 19, 2013
Price Free
Developer Kaiparasoft (Ninja Kiwi)
Publisher Ninja Kiwi
Tracks 35 (including Co-op)
Bloon Types 14 (+ Camo & Regrowth categories)
Towers 17 (+ 2 Road Items & 9 Special Agents)

Click here to play Bloons Tower Defense 5 on Ninja Kiwi.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is Ninja Kiwi's Bloons Tower Defense game that was officially released December 16, 2011 (December 13 for Ninja Kiwi accounts). According to Ninja Kiwi, the reason they released Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion was to tide the overwhelming demand for a new Bloons Tower Defense game, with BTD5 being so far from release at the time. This game is filled with new features such as:

News and UpdatesEdit


Tower Description Cost
Dart Monkey Shoots a single dart that pops a single bloon. A good, cheap tower suitable for the early rounds. $170/$200/$215
Tack Shooter Shoots 8 tacks spread in all directions, each tack can pop 1 bloon. Has short range and medium-slow fire rate. $305/$360/$390
Sniper Monkey Armed with a high-tech long range rifle, pops 2 layers of bloons with unlimited range. $300/$350/$430
Boomerang Thrower Throws a single boomerang in a single arc back round to the monkey. Each boomerang can pop 3 bloons. $325/$380/$430
Ninja Monkey Stealthy tower that can see Camo Bloons and throw sharp shurikens rapidly. $425/$500/$650
Bomb Tower Shoots a single bomb that explodes in a radius burst on impact. Good range, medium-slow fire rate. Can pop lead bloons but not black bloons. $555/$650/$700
Ice Tower Freezes bloons in its burst radius for a short time. Frozen bloons are immune to sharp objects. $255/$300/$410
Glue Gunner Shoots a glob of monkey glue at a single bloon. Glued bloons move more slowly than normal. $230/$270/$325
Monkey Buccaneer Monkey Buccaneers can only be placed in water. Shoots a single, heavy dart that can pop up to 5 bloons each. $425/$500/$650
Monkey Ace Patrols the skies above the action, regularly strafing the area with powerful darts in 8 directions. $765/$900/$1025
Super Monkey Throws darts incredibily fast. Has long range and lots of insanely powerful upgrades. $2975/$3500/$3780
Monkey Apprentice Trained in the arts of monkey magic, the Monkey Apprentice weaves magical bolts of power that pop bloons. Each shot can pop 2 bloons. Can upgrade to cast additional spells. $470/$550/$595
Monkey Village Monkey Village does not attack, but instead lowers the cost of all towers and upgrades in radius by 10%. Has many useful upgrades that help nearby towers. $1360/$1600/$1730
Banana Farm Banana Farms grow bananas that you can collect to turn into cash. When you farm produces some bananas, collect them by moving your mouse over them. Don't leave them too long however, or they will spoil! $850/$1000/$1080
Mortar Tower Targets a specific bit of ground anywhere on the screen. Launches explosive mortar shells to that spot. Useful for placing far away from the track to make room for other towers. $640/$750/$865
Dartling Gun Shoots darts like a machine gun, super fast but not very accurate. The Dartling Gun shoots towards wherever your mouse it, so you control how effective it is! $810/$950/$1025
Spike Factory Generates piles of road spikes on bits of nearby track. Each pile can pop 5 bloons, and unused spikes disappear at the end of each round. $640/$750/$755

Special AgentsEdit



  • The Mad Snowman makes a cameo appearance on the Christmas-themed main menu.
  • A certain rank is required to unlock expert and extreme tracks.
  • Since the new Tribal Turtle Special Agent was added, the music has gotten faster-paced and new pictures appear for each specific upgrade.
  • The sounds heard for upgrading towers and popping bloons are sounds from Bloons 2.
  • Unlike the Bloons TD 4 series, the player needs to collect the bananas from the Banana Farms.
  • A green floppy disk symbol (Disk-green) in the upper-right corner means that your game can be saved.
  • The difficulty of each track, is how challenging the track is to beat, but the three difficulties for each track (Easy, Medium, and Hard) only change the price of everything, how many rounds you have to pass, how many lives you have, and how fast the bloons move.
  • This game has the 3rd online animation style in Bloons series, the first is the animation used in Bloons and in the first 5 BTD games, and the second is the animation used in Bloons 2 and Bloons Blast.
  • This is the first Bloons TD game that you can build towers on a section of the bloons path.
  • The Extreme Difficulty has no save feature, sandbox, apopalypse or Fast-Track mode
  • The former round limit was 500, however that limit was removed after people started reaching that far.
  • A new BTD5 was added to the Mac App Store, which includes every tower including the ones in the mobile version.

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