Bloontonium Mine in the iOS Version

Bloontonium Mine (Mine in Bloons TD Battles Mobile) is one of the 17 tracks featured on Bloons TD Battles. It is considered by many to be among the easier of Bloons TD Battles tracks, due to its vast length and tower placement options.


A dark place, with a railroad used as the road of the bloons. There are some tunnels similar to the ones on Monkey Lane, where when the bloons are inside them, they cannot be seen or targeted. To the left side, the track starts at the top-left (center-left for the bloons that will sent by the opponent) and ends to the bottom. To the right side, the track starts at the bottom-right (center-right for the bloons that will sent by the opponent) and ends at the top. There are lots of straight lines which are good for Spike-o-pults and Monkey Apprentices. There is no water here.


Main article: Bloontonium Mine/Strategies


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