Bombing Range

Bombing Range icon.

Bombing Range is a Specialty Building for the Bomb Tower. It costs Monkey Dollar750 to purchase it and increases the cost of Spike Factories and its upgrades by 5%.


Picture 4

  • Initial cost is Monkey Dollar750
  • Second upgrade costs Monkey Dollar750
  • Third upgrade costs Monkey Dollar1000
  • (Bloons TD 5 iOS only) Fourth upgrade costs Monkey Dollar1200 (gives the Bomb Tower an ability that doubles up to 10 Bomb Towers' ranges temporarily)
  • Disadvantage: Increases the cost of Spike Factories by 5%




  • Despite being a Specialty Building, the Bombing Range, like the Mortar Emplacement, does not include an actual building unlike other Specialty Buildings.
  • The third tier of Bombing Range has no additional advantage over second tier for Bomb Towers with the Bloon Impact upgrade.
  • There is a shattered Lead Bloon where the scorch mark is.
  • The fourth upgrade used to stack with other abilities in an old version, meaning you could give your bomb towers infinite range. The projectile can only travel so far, however.