Boomerang Institute is an Upgrade Building in Bloons Monkey City Mobile that gives access to Boomerang Thrower upgrades.

Upgrade Cost Time (hours) XP Requirements
Multi Target 300$ 00:10 30
Glaive Thrower 1800$ 1:00 70 Level 4
Glaive Ricochet 6000$ 48:00 400 Level 10
Glaive Lord 18000$ 48:00 1000 Archives of Knowledge
Sonic Boom 200$ 0:15 25
Red Hot Rangs 1200$ 1:00 50 Level 4
Bionic Boomer 7500$ 48:00 300 Level 12
Turbo Charge 28000$ 36:00 800 Biomech Enhancments


Boomerang Institute gives acess to all upgrade options for Boomerang Throwers. Additional Special buildings are required before the most powerful upgrades can be researched

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