A touch of Monkey napalm pops additional Bloons every 2 seconds after impact for 6 seconds
~ Official Bloons TD 5 description

Burny Stuff is an upgrade for the Mortar Tower that leaves Bloons on fire for 6 seconds. Every 2 seconds, one layer gets popped. If a Bloon gets hit while the Burny Stuff upgrade is activated, the Bloon will have monkey napalm and be on fire for 6 seconds.

Tower appearanceEdit

Burny Stuff Mortar Tower

Mortar Tower with the Burny Stuff upgrade.

The tower upgraded to the Burny Stuff upgrade looks like the original Mortar Tower, except with a fiery design on it.

Upgrade infoEdit

  • The upgrade costs $430/$500/$540/$600.
  • The picture on the upgrade is a mortar shell on fire.
  • This is the second upgrade on the second path.


  • The Burny Stuff tower's appearance is the same as the second upgrade on the first path for the Mortar Tower.
  • The Burny Stuff upgrade is good for thinning out layers of bloons, especially Ceramic Bloons.
  • This upgrade works similarly like the Corrosive Glue upgrade from the Glue Gunner.
  • The Spiked Mines explosions add the same burning affects to Bloons.
  • With this upgrade, the Mortar Tower can pop black and zebra bloons, they will be not popped by the explosion, but they will be popped by the napalm.
  • Bloons can be affected by ice and napalm at the same time.
  • This upgrade makes the Mortar Tower act similarly to a Molotov because when you throw it, it explodes and gets napalm on somewhere.
  • The explosion turns orange after you upgraded the Mortar Tower to burny stuff shown below.


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