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You like calimari [sic], right? Looks there's a boss size portion on the way. You have to earn the bronze trophy first, then fry up whatever's coming with all the awesome sauce you've got.
~ Dr. Monkey
Calamari Blimp health stages
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The Calamari Blimp is the third boss in Bloons Super Monkey 2, appearing only in the final level of Deep Bloon Sea. It has 3 eyes; like other bosses, it can only be fought if at least the bronze trophy for each run-through has been earned. It is covered in Shielded Glass and Black bloons, occasionally releases a trail of Shielded Red Bloons, and "bumpers", compressed balls primarily composed also of Shielded Black and Glass Bloons.

Calamari Boss
Calamari Blimp
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To beat the calamari boss you will a least need strong upgrades like tier 4, 5 or 6 for arms. The core tier 4 isn't very effective.(Dual blast on the laser core works effectively on this boss, if you have glass bloon popping research). One popular way to defeat this bloon is to purchase (snap freeze) on level 3-5. When you play the level and start to fight this bloon, the ability snap freeze is proven to be very powerful against the outer bloons which shield the boss, along with the "bumper bloons." You might have to forgo certain bloons which are frozen but the calamari boss and the entire level in general will be easier.The ineffective tier 4 arm upgrades on 3-5 are dual whips, fire arc, and ricochet rangs.The most ineffective one is dual whips, which glass bloons are immune to.


  • Calamari is misspelled as Calimari in the game.
  • The fourth and fifth health stages of the Calamari Blimp looks like it has a mouth, but it doesn't.
  • It is logical that the Calamari is a fish and appears in Deep Bloon Sea.
  • It is almost impossible to defeat this boss with tech tier weapons (if it is not an epic power), even with maximum research.

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