For Bloons Monkey City Rank, see City Level.

The Career Rank in BTD4.


The Career Rank in BTD5.

Rank is a buying/experience limit. You start at Rank 1 with only the Dart Monkey (in BTD4 & BTD5), the Dartling Gun (in BTD4), and the Spike Factory (in BTD4). A new rank is awarded by earning the certain amount of XP. You can instantly unlock all upgrades, towers, and game modes by purchasing the Rank 34 Premium upgrade in BTD4 and BTD4E.

Bloons TD 4 RanksEdit

Bloons TD 5 RanksEdit

Above rank 60, ranking up will still happen, giving the player an ever-increasing place on the rank leaderboard. A max rank of 200 can be achieved through hacking or by constantly buying ranks.

Bloons TD 5 Deluxe RanksEdit

Above rank 60, ranking up will still happen, giving the player Monkey Dollar500 for every 10 ranks just as before.


  • In BTD4 at Rank 17, when the player unlocks the MOAB Mauler, the game shows the picture and description of the Dart Monkey if playing the track editor.
  • In BTD4, when the player reaches Rank 2 (or another Rank), it will sometimes show as rank 99.


  1. (Mobile only) The player unlocks the Monkey Sub by opening the present in front of the Temple of the Monkey God statue.

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