Dart Monkeys attacking Ceramics

I'm sure the Dart Monkeys will win.


  • Prefer towers that have a fast rate of attack such as upgraded Bomb Towers, or Mortar Towers.
  • It may not be a smart idea to use darts as it takes 10 hits to pop a Ceramic Bloon. (1 layer each dart)
  • It takes 10 hits of a bomb tower without the Frag Bombs upgrade to pop a Ceramic Bloon, even with the MOAB mauler upgrade.
  • The only effect glue has on Ceramic Bloons is that the bloon will take damage if the glue gunner is 2/x or higher (glue can slow ceramics in BTD5 mobile though). A 2/x glue gunner is very impractical due to the time it takes to pop 10 layers. A 3/2 gunner can be effective against a rush, however. A 4/2 glue gunner can destroy even regrowth ceramics almost instantly, but may not be worth it since it costs over $10,000 and doesn't affect MOAB-class bloons.
  • Use Ice Towers to slow down the bloons and give you more time. Especially effective upgrades to put to use would be Permafrost and Arctic Wind.
  • 2 Spectres can pop huge amounts of ceramics, and are also very versatile and work well against M.O.A.B.s too. They also have infinite range.
  • A single Spectre, within the range of a 2/1 Monkey Village and with a tier 2 or 3 Ace Private Hangar can destroy Ceramics instantly even if they are Regen, granting perfect defense preventing them to even enter the track. However, if there is more than one spawn route, one Spectre is not enough to stop all the Bloons.
  • Get the Deadly Precision upgrade for Sniper Monkey in BTD 5. It can pop the Ceramic Bloons in one shot!
    • However, if this is your only defense against Ceramic Bloons, it's recommended to get more than one of them, as they fire slowly.
  • Use powerful spread damage attack towers, like a Spectre, to affect its children and more quickly weaken it.
  • Unless you have Premium Upgrades, even a experienced BTD player should tread carefully when using Dart Monkeys (unless it has the Juggernaut upgrade).
  • It is advisable to get two or three Juggernauts so that they can strip Ceramics of their first layers instantly.
  • Use towers such as the Ninja Monkey with Distraction or the Monkey Apprentice with Summon Whirlwind/Tempest Tornado to send them back to the beginning and dilute the rushes.
  • When bloons are going in straight lines, put a Juggernaut at the end, aiming for last, and that'll do big damage to ceramics.
  • If you plan on killing your opponent by naturals in Bloons TD Battles Mobile, play out until round 32 comes (63 in BTD5), which usually kills most players without stalling towers or grouped popping power. In Bloons TD Battles on flash, you can wait out until round 38 and 39, which contains dense rushes.


Enter strategies below.

Strategy 1Edit

A 3/2 Ice Tower and a 0/3 Village can pop infinite ceramics. This is only if there are no other nearby towers popping the frozen bloons. For a cheaper alternative, a 2/3 Ice Tower and a 3/2 Mortar is still quite effective.

Strategy 2Edit

As stated above when facing Ceramic Bloons use towers with a high rate of fire. Super Monkeys, Mortar Towers (when upgraded to Mortar Battery or the Big One), and Bomb Towers (especially Bloon Impact) are effective. Road Spikes also work, but they will only pop the Ceramic layer before being used up.

Strategy 3Edit

Artillery Battery (x/4) Mortars can quite easily strip them down to zebra bloons, especially if a tier 3 Specialty Building for them is in use. If these are locked, try using two Bloon Busters (3/0 Mortars).

Strategy 4Edit

Have a Bloon Liquefier (4/0 Glue Gunner) or a Bloon Dissolver (3/0 Glue Gunner) near the start. The Ceramic layer will be easily popped as well as its descendants.(Bloon Dissolver takes a longer time to pop the Ceramics, but on long to medium sized maps the glue will destroy the Ceramic and all of its children with the Glue Soak upgrade).

Strategy 5Edit

Use a Super Monkey or a Dartling gun because they both shoot very fast. It's advisable to upgrade them first, of course.

Strategy 6Edit

If you use Rays Of Doom (4/0 Dartling Gunner) you can just totally obliterate them, even in huge numbers.

Ray Of Doom will pop everything in the line it is shooting at every time it pulsates So it will pop 100 bloons. On mobile, this is even better because the tower seemingly has infinite popping power (although does worse against MOAB class bloons).

Notes: Rays of Doom will handle any wave of non-moab bloons if it has enough time to kill a ceramic.

2 Rays Of Doom can pop even a BFB without too much risk, so one is sufficient for ceramic bloons.

Jungle drums do not affect ray of doom as it does damage to bloons every frame.

Strategy 7Edit

Use Arctic Wind (3/0 Ice Tower) or Viral Frost(4/0 Ice Tower) to freeze almost all the bloons. Then, use several Robo-monkeys (0/3 Supermonkey (Even with darts they can pop lead and frozen bloons!)) with Dragons breath (0/3 Monkey Apprentice). Or, if you're trying to save money, an Arctic Wind and Sun God combo is good enough.

Strategy 8Edit

Spike Factories upgraded to Spike Ball Factory (3/0), they can beat ceramic bloons pretty easily. However, they can only handle a few. Also use two Juggernauts (4/0 Dart Monkey) to get the first layer off bloons, and other towers to finish them.

Strategy 9Edit

Sniper Monkeys upgraded to Deadly Precision (3/0) can beat a Ceramic in 1 shot.

Strategy 10Edit

Use a Bomb Tower upgraded to Bloon Impact.

Strategy 11Edit

Spiked Mines (4/0 Spike Factories) are incredibly good at defeating Ceramic bloons, especially if placed fairly late in the track. They can even handle large hoards of them on longer tracks.

Strategy 12Edit

A 4/2 (The Big One) Mortar can easily strip five layers off of a bloon, and does five damage to Ceramic bloons, and they can also burn off a layer every couple of seconds, so a Big One can easily deal with a few ceramics... and a few can destroy all of them.

Strategy 13Edit

An X-4 Monkey Ace's ability can easily destroy unlimited ceramic bloons. However, the cooldown is fairly long. But if you get a 4-x monkey village the cooldown will be much faster.

Strategy 15Edit

A 3:x Sniper monkey can take out an entire ceramic bloon in one shot, use multiple for best results.

Strategy 16Edit

A single Sun God can destroy entire storms of ceramic bloons by itself, just make sure to grant it a way to detect camos... (And watch out for rounds 63, 76 and 78.)

Strategy 17Edit

All you need for levels with only bloons up to ceramic bloons are simply an Arctic Wind at the front slowing down the bloons and a 4/2 spectre.

Strategy 18Edit

2 Spectres can easily pop large amounts of ceramics, especially if they're in tight groups. This is because of their high fire rate of bombs.

Strategy 19Edit

3 or more 4/2 ninjas can easily defeat a ceramic or four. Be careful, though, because those few 4/2 ninjas won't be able to beat a whole bunch of ceramics, like in Round 63 and 76, and may cause a regen farm on round 75 (tightly packed regen ceramics).

Strategy 20Edit

Only works in Bloons TD 5 Deluxe, BTD Battles Mobile or BTD5 mobile.

Use Bloonchippers. They suck up ceramics, and don't spit them out until the entire ceramic shell is popped. Though you should probably buy a few of them, and at least upgrade them to 3-2 or 2-3.

Note: This will not work on rounds 63 or 76, or camo rounds.

Strategy 21Edit

Get 2 Robo-Monkeys with Plasma Vision (2/3) and you can pop just about any number of ceramic bloons. the only exceptions are the rounds where there are massive bunches of ceramic bloons. On these rounds the ceramics won't be popped instantly but will be popped by 3/4 of the way round on Monkey Lane.

Strategy 22Edit

Place a Bomb Tower upgraded to 4/2. Next to it put a Glue Gunner upgraded to 4/2 (Note that this only works if there is a fair amount of Ceramic Bloons. If you are dealing with a massive line of tightly packed Ceramic Bloons, upgrade the glue gunner to 2/4. The glue hose will usually glue all the Ceramic Bloons every single time.) The Bloon Liquifier will pop all the layers of the Ceramic Bloon pretty quickly. If you want, also place a Ice Tower with the Arctic Wind upgrade. This will help the Bloon Liquifier glue more bloons before they get out of range.

Strategy 23Edit

If placed at a bend, a 4,2 Ice Tower and a 4,2 Ring of Fire can take care of any non-boss Bloon that comes in it's radius, even Ceramics, unless a huge amount enter.

Strategy 24Edit

If in the right position on Park Path, The Rink, Space Truckin', and Bloon Circles, a Glaive lord (4-X) and a Bloon Impact Cluster Bomb Tower (4-2) can destroy a large horde of Ceramic Bloons.

Strategy 25Edit

A few 2, 3 Boomerang Towers, 4, 0 Dart Monkeys, 4,2 Glue Gunners, 3,2 Spike Factories, or 4,2 Monkey Aces work well with Ceramics.

Abilities like Bloon Annihilation, Ground Zero, Super Monkey Fan Club (with other 2,3 Dart Monkeys, of course), or the Boomerang Tower's ability work too.

Strategy 26Edit

A Robo-Monkey and a Ice Shards Ice Tower can pop huge rushs of Ceramic Bloons with ease.

If Robo-Monkey is too expensive, use two 2/3 Ice Towers and Mortar Towers.

Strategy 27Edit

Place 3-4 4/2 Glue Gunners at the beginning of the track, put 2 of them on "Last" the other ones on "First" the glue splatter can easily deal with infinite amounts of Ceramic Bloons (There could 1 or 2 Ceramic Bloons escape so be sure to have some extra defenses). Its only weaknesses are the first MOAB´s and Camo-Bloons but a x/2 Monkey Village can help out with this problem.

Strategy 28Edit

Place a 4/2 Ice Tower and a 4/2 Glue Gunner close to the end of the track, and a x/2 Monkey Village. Make a sure group of Super Monkeys to pop MOAB-class bloons.

Strategy 29Edit

Place a 4/2 Ninja Monkey at the end of a path followed by a 4/2 Monkey Apprentice.

Don't place the towers in this succession!!!!

Strategy 30Edit

Place a 2/3 Ninja monkey and a 3/2 Apprentice and then back it up with some regular defenses (spike factories, whatever you like to use). This way the ceramics get a few layers off each bomb because of the lightning, and distraction + whirlwind is really good for blowback. Your regulars should be able to take the children down.

Strategy 31Edit

Any number of 4-2 monkey engineers can take them out no problem, plus give the benefit of extra money. As each trap can hold so many, have multiple in succession to take care of them all, and have them under camp detection for that reason. Also, have a very strong backup for any stragglers, possibly up to a TOTMG.

Strategy 32Edit

Place a 4-2 Ice Tower and a 4-2 Boomerang Thrower in the range of a 2-3 Monkey Village. (This method will also work without the monkey village, but some white balloons will leak through) Viral Freeze will freeze all the ceramics, the Monkey Village will allow the Ice Tower to freeze white balloons, while the Glaive Lord will annihilate all of the balloons, which are trapped inside the range of the rotating glaives and the glaive lord.

Strategy 33Edit

On your first wave put a Ninja Monkey and build your way up to 4/2 whenever you have the money place both a Dart Monkey to 2/4 and a Glue Gunner at least to 2/1 so it can deal with the lead balloons, once you are done start to get a Pirate Ship to 3/2 or 4/2 if you have the money and place a Gatling Dart Gunner. If you managed your money well you should be able to get 2/3 gunner fast and by the time wave 63 comes you wont as much trouble as you should be able to get at least 2 Gatling Dart Gunners 2/3 (Ideal Strategy for Intermediate Hard maps) (Extra Info: If you want you could use a 4/2 or 3/2 Gatling Dart if you want to penetrate other balloons)

Strategy 34Edit

Place a 3-2 Ice Tower and a 4-2 Tack Shooter right next to each other. Make sure the Ice Tower is covering more of the track because it has a longer range than the Tack Shooter. If placed correctly and supported by an x-2 Monkey Village, only MOAB-Class bloons can get past this defense. Place the Ice Tower and the Tack Shooter among a curve or bend.

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