Bloons Monkey City Artwork


Cleansing Foam in action

Cleansing Foam is the third upgrade on the first path for the Monkey Engineer. It costs $680 on Easy, $800 on Medium, $865 on Hard and $960 on Impoppable. It allows the Monkey Engineer to shoot a blob of foam that can remove Regen, Camo, and Lead properties of bloons. Only 3 blobs of foam can be on the track at once (unless the Monkey Engineer has an attack speed boost). If a certain amount of bloons go over the foam, it disappears, regardless of if they are Camo, Regen, or Lead.



Cleansing foam official artwork.

  • The Monkey Engineer doesn't aim the foam with his gun, so the globs of foam can come from the side or back of the Monkey Engineer.
  • There is a glitch in BTD5 mobile where the Monkey Intelligence Bureau allows the cleansing foam to pop any type of bloon and damage MOAB-class bloons in a manner similer to Road Spikes. This is likely due to the foam being able to pop Lead Bloons.
  • This upgrade gives the Engineer a tank that resembles a Glue Gunner with Glue Soak or Stickier Glue upgrade.
  • The Cleansing Foam is incapable of directly popping normal bloons.
  • This upgrade removes the camo property from a D.D.T. in Bloons Monkey City.
  • In the Flash version of BMC, the Engineer's Foam has no limit of amount of bloons passing by. This makes the upgrade super powerful, effectively removing all bloon effects if placed at the start of the track.

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