Only Apprentices and Super Monkeys can enter these dangerous ruins. They must survive a 10 round bloon onslaught with $30,000 to start.
~ BMC Special Rules before attacking a Consecrated Ground Tile
Consecrated tile track

The initial setup of the Consecrated Ground track

Consecrated Ground is a Special Mission in Bloons Monkey City. The player must defend against 10 rounds of bloons using only Monkey Apprentices and Super Monkeys. Players start with $30000. It is required to build the Temple Complex on, which is used to buy the Temple of the Monkey God upgrade. Completing this tile will earn 2000 XP, at least City cash5000 and BloonstoneIcon100.


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An uncaptured Consecrated Ground tile

  • This special mission rewards the most bloonstones, which is BloonstoneIcon100.
  • When it is captured, you can place the Fiery Pit Building on Consecrated Ground and also a fire master can be seen meditating on the tile.
  • In BMC Mobile, a Guerrila Training Camp can be built on a captured Consecrated Ground Tile.
  • It is possible, but very VERY rare, for a DDT to appear on Consecrated Ground.
  • Note that Dark Temple Idol special item must be obtained from a treasure chest, and not at Consecrated Ground.
  • Only one of this tile spawns per map.
  • The track has the same layout as Main Street in BTD5.
  • Wizards are the only camo popping power available, as the TOTMG is too expensive and needs the tile to unlock.
  • It is rare to have no BFBs appearing on Consecrated Ground.


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