Crazy Coast Map

Crazy Coast on the map

Crazy Coast is the 7th map zone the player will be able to access in Bloons 2. The terrain is all sand. It must be unlocked in order to be explored which can be done by completing the The Temple of Bloon zone. All levels can be unlocked by buying the Unlock All Levels upgrade in the map page. Purchasing the upgrade also unlocks the Bloons 2 Level Editor.

There are 12 levels in Crazy Coast, numbered 73-84:

  1. Simultaneity
  2. Consistency
  3. The Gauntlet
  4. Tippy Toes
  5. Crazy Owl
  6. Infiltrate
  7. Backtrack
  8. Cold Hard Precision
  9. Division
  10. Inception
  11. Clear Skies
  12. Juggling

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