Daily Challenge Vault is an update that was released
  • Message for when the vault was first added.
  • January 2012 Challenges Archived
  • February 2012 Challenges Archived
  • The first every Daily Challenge complete in the vault.
for Bloons TD 5 on the 2nd of May, 2012. It allows you to replay previously incomplete Daily Challenges for a lower reward (40%) or previously completed for 16% (40% of 40%) reward. If you play challenges from the vault, you will play them mostly with rules of the actual patch (For example: If you play a challenge from Feb 7, 2012, you can use towers and agents like Spike Factory or Bloonsday Device that were released after the date of the challenge) with a few exceptions (like Feb 28, 2012 where Bloonsday Device and Tribal Turtle are not available).

You can play daily challenges from 27th January 2012 - 31st March 2017. When you complete a month of Daily Challenges, you'll get a Medal and AwesomeIcon40.


  • The vault for January 2012 only has five Daily Challenges. Beating all of them counts as a month and will award the achievement.
  • March 11th's, April 8th's, July 30th's, and August 8th's Daily Challenge give you Monkey Dollar2 upon completion, while February 7th's Daily Challenge gives out Monkey Dollar8. This is because the challenges are very short.

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