Dartling Ammo Dump

Dartling Ammo Dump is the Specialty Building for the Dartling Gun; it was released on July 5th. It costs Monkey Dollar3,500 for all upgrades (Monkey Dollar5,000 in iOS).


Dartling Ammo Dump Upgrades

  1. Reduces the cost of Dartling Guns and their upgrades by 5%, costs Monkey Dollar1,000
  2. Increases attack speed of Dartling Guns by 10%, costs Monkey Dollar1,000
  3. Dartling gunners can lock their attacks to a fixed position, costs Monkey Dollar1,500
  4. (BTD5 Mobile only) All Dartling shots have +1 popping power, costs Monkey Dollar1,500.


Dartling special building mouse fixed positions

The target setting of the third-tier Dartling Gun

  • The third tier of Dartling Ammo Dump makes the Dartling Gun have the option to target a fixed position, much like how Mortar Towers target fixed positions. As such, the Focused Firing upgrade will behave much like the Increased Accuracy upgrade in this regard.
    • This upgrade pairs well when using Banana Farms, as you will not have to worry about aiming and collecting bananas at the same time.

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