This page contains tips and strategies for using Destroyers.



How to useEdit

  1. The player should try to buy the monkey buccaneer in the beginning. The player should then try to buy the first upgrade in the next 3-5 Rounds. Then the player can start to buy other things for about 7-10 rounds, then they should buy Crow's Nest. Also the player should try to buy Longer Cannons around that time too. Once the player gets to the level 4 upgrades, the player should buy all the "can't survive without this" upgrades. Then, the player can buy the Destroyer.
  2. Start with a buccaneer. Get Grape Shot>Faster Shooting>Longer Cannons>Destroyer>Crow's Nest. After that, the player can buy other towers.
  3. Get 2 2/2 buccaneers. Once the player has enough money, sell the first buccaneer and then get the Destroyer.
  4. Since a Destroyer is a cheaper alternative for a 0/0 Super Monkey with extra range and pierce, players trying to get a Super Monkey on Easy should try Destroyers instead (as Super Monkeys don't really need upgrading on Easy Mode).
  5. If you have Dreadnaught, try using this along with Crow's Nest for powerful lead and camo popping power! Don't upgrade to Aircraft Carrier as it will shoot darts instead of fireballs and won't pop leads.

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