Strategy 1 (Sam Wang)Edit

B stands for before, A stands for after, D stands for during, LV stands for level.

  • BLV1 - set two of the snipers target to "strong", upgrade one strong targeting sniper to (1-0), and set the two mortars target to a place where bloons spawn.
  • DLV1 - upgrade the other "strong" targeting sniper to (1-0).
  • DLV3 - upgrade one dartling gun to (0-1).
  • ALV4 - upgrade another dartling gun to (0-1).

Wackycreeper15's Strategy (Ermergerd, no Special Agents!)Edit

Do exactly what the walkthrough video tells you, but, instead of buying two Super Monkey Storms, if you have the money, upgrade the Mortar Towers (4-2) right before round 23.

  • Variation: Get a BADS instead and use the ability.

182's Strategy?Edit

Do exactly what the video tells, but instead have 2 Hydra Rocket Pods before Round 23 or use the Sniper Monkeys along with Dartling Guns.

Other TipsEdit

  • It is advised to mainly use Dartling Guns as they will pop many bloons.

Video WalkthroughEdit

Bloons tower defence 5 Deluxe Direct Assault - Walkthrough Tutorial07:58

Bloons tower defence 5 Deluxe Direct Assault - Walkthrough Tutorial

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