Distraction Icon in BTD5

Distraction Mobile

Distraction on mobile, along with mobile icon

Distraction is the 2nd upgrade on path 2 for the Ninja Monkey. It costs $300 (Easy), $350 (Medium), $380 (Hard), and $420 on (Impoppable). Some bloons struck by the Ninja's weapons will become distracted and move the wrong way temporarily. However, do not count on this to stop bloons from making it through. It is only a nice additional bonus,
Distracton 2

Ninja monkey with the distraction upgrade.

not something to be relied on. The Summon Whirlwind and Tempest Tornado upgrades for the Monkey Apprentice are much more efficient and reliable at sending bloons back to the start.
Distraction Ninja BMC

BMC icon

Distraction BTD5 icon

BTD5 icon


  • This also has the same effect as a Summon Whirlwind Monkey Apprentice except that it has a much smaller chance of happening.
  • In Bloons TD 5 Mobile bloons that are blown away by Distraction will have their ice or glue blown away too.
  • If this ability is used on a Regrowth Bloon, unless there is a tower in range, it might regrow on the way back, which means if it is used on a Ceramic Bloon that has been destroyed, it could turn back into a ceramic.
  • In Bloons TD Battles, its price is now increased to 500.
  • Having a Bloonjitsu with distraction can be helpful, but can start regrow farms.

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