Map OverviewEdit

In Drag Strip, not only are there two separate, non-intersecting but both are fairly short as well, this difficult map design will make it a quite frustrating experience to beat the level, especially on hard/impoppable mode, inexperienced players might not be able to beat it at all. Though there are numerous curves on the track, making splash damaging towers effective. The thin horizontal lines of the map makes it less convenient to place farms and they can only place one row of farms on the sides of the map. The two separated paths would also confuse single towers.


  • Tack Shooters and Ice Towers are good on this track, as they attack all around them, so they could possibly hit bloons on both paths.
  • Since the paths that the bloons take are really short, there is lots of room for towers, making this track good for Banana Farms and Temples of the Monkey God.
  • Placing a Spike Factory at the end of the track so that the factory's spikes go on both paths is a good idea and can save you lives.
  • Dartling guns are very useful (on easy you can get 1 in round 3 by placing 1 road spike on both tracks on both round, losing 8 lives)
  • Glaive Richochets, set to CLOSE, helps a lot in the middle
  • Dragon's Breath is good near the beginning
  • If you put an Ice Tower on one side, and but a Bionic Boomer in the middle, the paths will be be timed differently and the Bionic Boomer will only have to deal with one path at a time.
  • Placing the cluster bomb at the center so as to hit on both paths.

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