Enhanced Freeze BTD5

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Enhanced Freeze is the first upgrade on path 1 for the Ice Tower in BTD5. It increases tower's range and the amount of time bloons are frozen for. It costs: $190 (Easy), $230 (Medium), $245 (Hard), and $270 on (Impoppable). It changes the tower's appearance so that the 'stone' it stands on is now blue.


  • Enhanced Freeze exists in BTD4, however it is called Improved Ice Tower.
  • In BTD1, BTD2 and BTD3 this upgrade is split into two different upgrades: Longer Freeze and Wide Freeze Radius.
  • Using this also technically allows the Ice Tower to freeze Bloons more often, as it can get in more shots before Bloons escape its range.
  • When upgraded to this, the Ice Tower has the same range as the Meerkat Spy (of course, the range is same as a X-1 Tack Shooter).

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