A BTD5 Tack Tower with Even Faster Shooting.

Shoots tacks even faster!
~ BTD5 description

The BTD5 Even Faster Shooting icon.

Even Faster Shooting is an upgrade for the Tack Shooter in Bloons Tower Defense 5. It comes after a similar upgrade in path 1 called Faster Shooting. It is the 2nd upgrade of path 1 and makes the tack shooter fire almost twice as fast, therefore making it a worthy upgrade.

Cost: $255 (Easy), $300 (Med), $325 (Hard), $360 (Impoppable)

After upgrading into this upgrade, the base pattern turns into 3 tacks. The left one is smallest, the right one is medium, and the middle is big.


The upgrade icon for Even Faster Shooting for BTD5

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