Engineer increases his build speed, producing sentry guns more often.
~ Official BMC description
Fast engineering

A Monkey Engineer with the fast engineering upgrade.

Fast Engineering is the second upgrade of the first path for the Monkey Engineer, costing $300 on Easy, $350 on Medium, $380 on Hard, and $430 on Impoppable. This upgrade increased the build speed of sentry guns by 66% (Sentry Guns are built every 6 seconds instead of every 10 seconds), allowing up to 5 Sentry Guns per Engineer.


Fast engineering bmc

BMC icon

  • The upgrade is useless if the Engineer's Workshop tier 4 upgrade is purchased, because the Engineer will build 3 improved sentry guns as 1/x monkey engineer.
  • If NinjaKiwi goes offline, the maintenance screen will display a modified version of the BMC art for this upgrade, with the sentry gun being replaced with a faulty television.

    The modified version of the BMC artwork that appears during NK maintenance

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