Fast Forward is an option in Bloons TD 4 and Bloons TD 5 that speeds up the game to allow for quicker rounds. Activating Fast Forward will speed the game up to x2 (x3 in BTD5, 4x in BMC) speed, but de-activating it will slow the game back to normal. It can be toggled by the player at any time by pressing the "Fast Forward" button (or pressing the space bar in Bloons TD 5). It was introduced in Bloons TD 4 and has been in every Bloons TD game to date.

On April 14, 2011, Fast Forward was updated to work as a toggle so players wouldn't have to hold down the mouse any more. Before this update, the player would have to hold down the fast forward button for it to be enabled. As soon as it was un-clicked it was disabled. It should be noted that the iPhone/iPod Touch version of BTD4 always had the fast forward work as a toggle rather than having to be held down.


  • It is a good idea to turn Fast Forward off if you are trying to place Road Spikes during a level.
  • Towers attack slightly faster compared to bloon speed when Fast Forward is off.
  • Spamming abilities (e.g. Ground Zero) should generally be done if Fast Forward is off.
  • Banana Farming should be done on this mode as players can earn cash quickly. This is because bananas will move faster at the cursor on fast forward compared to normal speed.


  • Activating Fast Forward will allow a Pink Bloon on the short path of Death Valley to leak in less than 2 seconds!
  • Fast Forward does not exist in Bloons TD Battles, probably due to the fact that players can lag their opponents with this and win Medallions for free.
  • Issues with this feature (sudden slowdowns and speedups) are likely to occur in Co-op Mode.
  • In earlier versions of BTD4, the user have to click and hold the fast forward button to fast forward, and in the later versions, it just have to be clicked to activate just like in BTD5.


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