Fast Upgrades

The Fast Upgrades mission.

Survive 5 special rounds on Castle where your towers upgrade once for free at the end of each round. Have you got what it takes?
~ Official Description

Fast Upgrades is a Special Mission in BTD5 unlocked at Rank 40. Monkey Dollar500 and AwesomeIcon75 are awarded upon completion.

As per the description, this mission will upgrade all your towers once for free at the end of the round. Note that the sell price will NOT increase with the upgrade. Also, the first path will be upgraded by default unless the second path has MORE (not equal) upgrades than the first.


Unlike normal modes in BTD5, the Bloons come in a constant spread. This makes 3/0 and 4/0 glue gunners highly effective. But be warned, on round 4, placing towers nearby can make them pop the Ceramic Bloons before they are glued, meaning the multiple Bloons that are released will have to be glued individually.

Don't be afraid to use road spikes. They are not a necessity to complete this round even if you're trying to complete it without losing a single life.

Using Monkey Pirates on the final round is an easy way to destroy the BFB's that spawn.


Round RBE
1 30 (30 Red Bloons)
2 120 (40 Green Bloons)
3 1150 (50 Lead Bloons)
4 9360 (90 Ceramic Bloons)
5 9492 (3 B.F.Bs)


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  • Round 3 can be difficult if you don't have anything that pops Lead Bloons, so beware of that.
  • In Bloons TD 5 Mobile (version 1.1), the completion reward for beating it 2 or more times was reduced to Monkey Dollar30 (Monkey Dollar100 before version 1.1) because before version 1.1, you could get Monkey Money quickly this way.
  • This is the second shortest mission in BTD5 following MOAB Madness (5 rounds only).
  • This is the only mission in which you get free upgrades.
  • The tower will upgrade at the end of the round even if the upgrade is locked. (e.g. x/3 Spike Factory will upgrade to x/4 even if you are below rank 45)
  • The reward for completing a round is increased to $799 times the number of the round.
  • You can continue to play after round 5 and still receive free upgrades if you exit the game on the victory screen and resume your saved game. This works on all missions with a round cap.
  • Repeating this mission over and over will not cause progress toward the Steely achievement.
  • Having an already fully upgraded tower will not upgrade any part of the tower.