Full Metal Jacket is the 1st upgrade of path 1 for the Sniper Monkey in Bloons Tower Defense 5. This upgrade allows the Sniper Monkey to pop 4 layers of the bloon that it hits as well as lead bloons. It costs $300 on Easy, $350 on Medium, $380 on Hard and $420 on Impoppable. This tower is extremely useful for clearing out small groups of bloons but is not as good when trying to attack compact groups of bloons such as Round 76. It is inadvisable to use this along with towers with low popping power as the bloons popped will spawn a dense pack of weaker bloons, like yellows.

Bloons TD Battles Mobile HistoryEdit


Buff Full Metal Jacket cost decreased ($350 → $300).



Sniper Monkey with Full Metal Jacket Upgrade Art Work

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