Only the wealthiest, most determined and - let's be honest - heartless monkeys would build an assembly yard capable of building the monkeys most feared bloon type. The ZOMG. May the monkey god have mercy on us all! It's the best monkey building the game can offer!
~ Official BMC description
Gargantuan Vessel Assembly Yard

The Gargantuan Vessel Assembly Yard, also known as the GVAY is a MvM building that is unlocked at level 27. It requires 3x3 land tiles in order to be built. It costs City cash150,000, consumes Lightning thing-0100, takes 4 days to build, and it gives player 1500 xp once construction is complete. It allows ZOMGs to be researched in the Bloon Research Lab.


  • Below the building, the floor looks like the sand in Desert terrain.
  • Despite the quote saying "It's the best monkey building the game can offer", DDTs can be researched too and thus contradicts the claim of "best monkey building the game can offer", except in the case of the moblie game, where DDTs cannot be researched.

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