• Glue Striker using its ability.
  • Glue striker is the right-most tower.
  • Glue Striker In Bloons Tower Defense 5

Glue Strike Ability: Glues all bloons on screen.
~ Description

Glue Striker is the final upgrade of the path 2 for the Glue Gunner. It costs $4675 on Easy, $5500 on Medium, $5940 on Hard and $6600 on Impoppable. It unlocks the Glue Striker Ability, which when used, sprays glue all over the screen, gluing all non MOAB-class bloons on screen for a short time.


  • In an update on the 24th of March 2012, the Ninjakiwi team felt that this upgrade was "less awesome than it should be" and buffed the tower so that bloons are slowed to 30% instead of the normal 50% with this upgrade.
  • When stacked with the Tier 2/4 Glue Specialty Building, Glue Hose will slow to 20/5% speed respectively. Owning the Tier 4 Glue Supply Depot may make bloons move so slowly that a Pink Bloon splat with Glue Striker will become slower than a ZOMG.
  • The glue from the ability falls in a similar way to meteors.
  • This ability is similar to the Ice Tower's Absolute Zero, and the Mortar Tower's Pop and Awe Ability.
  • A Glue Gunner with this Ability looks to have the same clothes as the Mortar Tower's Monkey with The Big One upgrade, but the Glue Striker's cloth is protecting the monkey from glue and not from radioactive mortar shells.
  • Various glue globs fall from the sky similarly to the Pop and Awe Ability.
  • The Glue Striker Ability can glue camo bloons, even if the Glue Striker does not have camo detection. Furthermore, if the Glue Striker has Corrosive Glue, all glued bloons will pop as though Corrosive Glue had glued bloons normally.
  • In Bloons Monkey City, the Sticky Sap Flower has the same ability as the Glue Striker Ability, although it is named, "Sticky Sap Flower Ability".